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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

1. What's your name?

My name is Tai Thompson (AKA) Tai Theory

2. How long have you been working in the entertainment industry?

I have been in the entertainment industry for about 15 years. I have been doing music for about 12 Years, and writing scripts and filming them, from my cinematographers Kirby Griffin and Daniel Whyte for the last 3 years.

3. What inspired you to get into the industry?

Music inspired me to get into this industry. I wrote a song called torture and Kirby Griffin (my cinematographer) heard the song and suggested I write a script from the song, and he would shoot it. So I wrote the script and gave it to Kirby and he made some corrections on the script and then we shot
torture, with no intentions on making it a web series, and now it’s a series.

4. What were your favorite TV shows growing up?

My favorite TV shows growing up was Martin, Different World, The Cosby Show, and Def Comedy Jam.

5. Who were your industry idols if any?

My industry Idols would be Will Packard and Ice Cube

6. What prompted you to come up with the show and where is the idea from?

The show came from a song I wrote called torture about a character that dies everyday and comes to
find out he’s already in hell. It all stemmed from that song to what it is now today.

7. Was it hard to find a lead actor or actress? Did you know they were the one right away?

It wasn’t hard to find a lead actor cause I decided to put actors in torture who were music artists, such as singers, rappers and poets who were interested in acting. I wanted to work with established actors but when I would reach out to them, they didn’t take me serious so I relied on music artist that I worked with that believed in what I was doing .

8. If you could go to war with any TV show or web series what show would you Ally with and who would you guys go to war with?

There is no particular show I would want to go to war with, I have seen some dope shows and web series out there, that inspired me to step my game up as writer. I’m a big fan of Power and would like Torture to either be better than Power or on the same scale as Power. The Wire was also a great show
that inspired me to write about more deeper issues that go on in the Black community. The Wire was a well put together show that exploited a lot of issues that still occur today in Baltimore city.

9. What's your favorite part about shooting in Baltimore?

I love shooting in Baltimore because we have great artwork and graffiti on walls and buildings which makes the scenes look real dope.

10. Does the community respond well to you shooting in the neighborhood?

The people in the city show us so much love and support when were out there shooting. They start to stand around and just look and then when the acting kicks in, the people are amazed on how real it looks like.

11. How do you balance family and filming? Are you married with kids and how do they handle it?

I balance filming and family very well. I have taken my son to shoots with me and he has enjoyed it. When your passionate about something you love, you will make time for it, regardless or how tired you are. No, I’m not married but I have a son that like’s to act silly all the time in front of the camera.

12. What's the difference between being on YouTube vs being on The Nu TV Network?

The difference from being on Youtube and Nu Tv would have to be the support that Nu Tv brings to the table. Youtube you can just post anything up and that’s it. Nu Tv has showed us loved from the jump in regards of promotion, interviews, and really wanting to know the artist it's is bringing to the table

13. Was it hard putting together a cast and crew being an Indy producer?

It wasn’t hard putting a cast together, we all are hungry and we love what we do.

14. Who is in a cast and who's your favorite character? Are there any new related to most?

My favorite character is Lamar and Denise which is played by Huli Shallone and Kisha Waddell. They do a great job when going into their roles and they make it believable. The character I can relate to the most would be James which is played by Darryl White, who will do whatever it takes be the biggest drug dealer in Baltimore. Not that I would do some of the sneaky tactics that James portrays in torture but his grind in torture is real.

15. What can we expect this season on your TV series?

What you can expect this season of Torture is more action, deep drama, and relatable scenes that are heartfelt and surreal.

16. Do you have any advice for aspiring producers?

My advice for inspiring producers is to put out what you believe in, and the hell with what people are going to say. If you believe in your product go hard for your product. Everybody is not going to like your product and you can’t please everybody but you can always please yourself and always get better.

17. When will torture air?

Torture will air on Friday nights starting Labor Day Weekend.

This Labor Day marks the release of the new Nu TV Network app which will be available on all phones and all devices. Nu TV Network will continue to air via its Apple TV and Roku Tv channel "The Nu TV Network" aka The Nu and they will be premiering several "Nu Exclusive" prime time series in its new fall lineup. The Nu has award winning series, festival winners, and also top web based series that have been adapted for TV. You've probably heard of their hit action series like Here's 2 The Throne and The Professional Chiller that air every #DoOrDieFriday but they also have great award winning comedies like DC Yuppies and the new comedy The Put Down. Both are Nu Exclusives that air on #WeGotJokesMondays along with the live action comedy Vigilant. The fan favorite romantic Dramas air on #AllAboutDramaTuesdays which welcomes the addition of top series like "OldHead" and "Chip Reader." Their instagram is a great place to see all of their series and also watch trailers and clips of each show. Mix in killer zombies on the "Undead Silence" horror shows on SaturdayScreams plus extreme Professional wrestling from Rock Star Pro Wrestling with Amped, this will surely become your new favorite station. Their instagram is nutvnetwork_ And their website is Currently available on Apple TV & Roku TV as well as the soon to be released App. Get the Nu now.

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