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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Give yourself recognition .. don't wait for others. Congratulate yourself by helping & it will return.

When dealing with Urban Music as a whole, always follow your first mind.

Just when I LET someone talk me into thinking the right thing would be done & they would FINALLY recognize the "DJ" the proper manner because of their accomplishments, they proved me wrong ... again.

It amazes me how many "labels reps & industry execs" called me earlier today & said "maaaan, that was bullshit" or "how did they forget The Core/You" but they didn't say anything on the spot ... that's why TODAY I've changed my number I've had for the last 8 years, I don't wanna hear that corny late shit, u won't have to instigate, I'll let u know right here.

Everything is cool.

This was NOT an award show for the DJ, this was an award show for a clique because we (The Core) have never been about a clique, its always been about THE DJ, OTHER DJ Crews, Label Execs, Legends, & Artists as ONE unit .. No one is perfect but this was clearly bias.

When you award a DJ, AWARD the DJ ... don't just award the clique.

When Bigga Rankin was forgotten in the initial nominations for Mixtape DJ of The Year also when 3 categories were removed on the spot last night cause of "timing" (including the WHOLE West Coast category), knew then this wasn't gonna go the way it was suppose to.

NO POP DJ won 1 awards. None? GLOBAL? Ok. Calvin Harris isn't a DJ, isn't DJ Kay Slay considered an active LEGEND also .. I guess that's a different show.

By no means is this disrespect to any of the nominees or winners, they all definitely deserve accolades throughout the WHOLE year for what they bring to the game.

Last night, definitely political ... which further isolates me from some of these LABEL reps & makes my circle of contacts smaller than what it already is. I talk to the artist more than the labels anyway.

To the "voting panel" ... please don't include me or the Core DJ's in next year or further years to come. learn who's who before you call your voting team a GLOBAL committee ...

Thank you to everyone who genuinely supports the Core DJ's, the brand, our movement, our mixshows, our events & our still early legacy we are carving in the music industry as a whole.

To Global Spin as whole, great set up & good luck with your future endeavours & shows, NYC needed this look & your staff works hard when they believe in something fam, I know ... they were all in The Core.

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Well Put!!!! ☆★☆★☆STAY PAYIN ATTENTION☆★☆★☆

dis a really good look! really liked what ya said. the bizz is nuttin but a popularity contest now and days. Big ups 2 da whole Core crew and best of wishes keep it #Chilly :-)




I must say I haven't always seen eye to eye with you Tony, but even I was very shocked that the Core didn't get the coalition of the year award. I was already shocked about Bigga not even being nominated, but somethings just can't be over looked. 

Yeeeah Not surprised but I was hopin 4 da best. When I heard this nigga name Stevie J sold call DJ got an award I was 2 threw. I only know 1 Stevie J & it sho wasn't dat nigga. Smh dat shit wack. I actually find it VERY DISRESPECTFUL 2 the REAL DJ'S & dem damn Core DJ's dat was in core b4 dat was a bad move. GOOD LUCK & welcome 2 brokeassness!!!
Well put bossman!

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