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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Roberto Gomez is a rapper and hip-hop artist out of Houston, TX who goes by the rap pseudonym PG. His songs lean towards vulnerability and heartbreak, and they encourage growth not only in himself, but his fanbase as well. But that is not to say that he doesn’t exude the swagger of the prototypical Houston rapper. Today we speak with PG about his upcoming EP ‘All Of Me’, which is due out on November 22nd.


Who is PG, in your own words?


PG is just your average guy. He’s the most outgoing introvert you’ll ever meet in your life. Open as a book that you can read between the lines. Humble, confident, and a strong individual that you can notice when he blasts thru your speakers. His unique presence is the first thing you notice before you can even recognize who it is. PG is my alter ego.


When did you first start making music, and what inspired you to do so?


I started writing lyrics when I was about 13 years old but never dedicated myself to create music until 2015. Professionally, I started about a year and a half ago. What got me started was because at the moment I couldn’t really find any artist that I felt was more relatable to me or to my amusement so I decided to take it upon myself to drop all my knowledge, wisdom, experiences, and heart into I felt like it was one of the universal ways to communicate; through music.


Are there any topics that you find yourself rapping about more often than others?


I usually catch myself writing about love and heartbreaks more often than most artist. I have a big heart and I been wrong so many times that it just stuck me and being the sad soul that I am, it’s hard for me to shake my past experiences when it literally made me into the person that I am today.


Your new EP ‘All Of Me’ is dropping November 22nd, what would you say is the major theme of the EP?


The major theme of AOM I would like to say is that it’s all about self growth. I put my everything I have into that EP for the sake that I wanted to keep going and growing spiritually and musically. So that’s literally four years worth of knowledge and engineering that I put into it since I do my own engineering.



What was the recording process like for ‘All Of Me’? Was it recorded during the quarantine/lockdowns?


The majority of the recording process was actually during quarantine but since I do everything myself it practically didn’t affect me at all. There’s multiple days where I stayed up late working on the songs and there’s times where I would get off work and dive straight into the music. It was a repeated cycle.


How does ‘AOM’ differ from some of your earlier releases? What kind of progressions have you made as an artist?


Well one thing is for sure, I feel like I have my own sound now. My first tape “My Two Cents” was literally made in two years but it still wasn’t up to my taste but I did it just to have a discography of myself. Now giving myself some time to work with other artist as well as focus on myself, I really feel like I’m getting closer to where my sound is different from other artist as well as having my own story to be telling. I been thru a lot so my songs can either go one way or the other.


Houston has an amazing history as a rap city, with rappers like Mike Jones, Devin The Dude, Paul Wall and more recently Travis Scott, all representing H-Town. Are you inspired by all the rap greats that came before you in Houston?


Of course. As a Houstonian, it’s hard for me to not listen to one of our legends and not be inspired by them. From Screwed Up Click to Swishahouse to Dope House Records. It’s impossible for me to not mention them when it comes to Houston music.


Are there any musicians who aren’t rappers who inspire your music?


Actually, I listen to almost every genre you could think of but my two biggest, non-rap, influences would have to Bad Bunny and Johnny Cash.


What are your goals for your music? Do you want to inspire others, work through your own pain, have a good time, etc.?


My biggest goal for music is to leave a mark in the world before I pass away. I wanna influence people to do better for themselves and to grow internally. I want to be the person people fall to when they don’t have an open ear. I want people to have a good time and party to my music. I just want to be relatable in multiple ways, not just be hitting one angle.


Any rap interview would be incomplete without a “Top 5 All Time” question, but we are going to keep it simple. Who you got in your Top 3 in any given order?


My top three in any order would have to be J. Cole, Z-Ro, and Eminem.

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