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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

The Pandemic, Police Brutality, and Our Community Are Topics Cali Dubb Thinks Are Important

Cali Dubb is a hip-hop artist and songwriter from California. He feels as though history is repeating itself! The issue of police brutality is again on news headlines, reminding us of the little progress we have made as a country to address racism. Still, most Americans are grappling with the effects and reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first half of 2020 has indeed challenged humanity to rethink about things they took for granted- the freedom, peace and democracy. What better way to share our realizations during these crises than through creative works?

Cali Dubb believes in setting a movement whenever there is a need to influence listeners to appreciate certain life virtues. His way; trendsetting and being extremely innovative whenever he is preparing a new piece. And it is easy to agree with him based on his new song “How I Move”.

Throughout the song, Cali Dubb is critical to highlight some of the problems that people are experiencing due to the pandemic. He goes ahead to explicitly describe police brutality as it is happening across America. Cali Dubb intended to give people hope that things will be better. As a trendsetter, he envisions other artists following in his footsteps and use their status to inform the public about these social challenges.

The recent killing of George Floyd by the police sparked rage and resentment, especially in the Black community. Cali Dubb attests, “I made this song because we're living in difficult times. I just started thinking about everything going on in this world right now and how no one knows what’s going to happen next.”. He insists that Americans need to self-educate themselves about historical injustices that African Americans have endured over the decades. Such murders and actions by the police should have consequences. Innocent people are losing their lives, families are mourning over their loved ones- this is utterly unfair. 

For Cali Dubb, music is just a mere solution that can be used to spread love and unity. He confirms, “I just went to the studio and put my heart on the track. No pen, no paper, no phone, just thoughts.” He wrote his new song with great enthusiasm and empathy, knowing very well that he can make an impact in the life of at least one person. Lyrics can empower but he knows that there are many other ways of fostering this energy. 

The song “How I Move” is a wake-up call to all communities in our country. Cali Dubb wants us to be our brother’s keeper, and to be safe whenever we can. It is a piece of relevant advice to give in this pandemic. Social justice needs to start from somewhere and Cali Dubb has already triggered this movement with his creativity.







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