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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

D.G - in this there are two people standing at a road, one on the right and knows what it holds, and the other goes with the flow
only time will tell where they fell
both dreamed and schemed

in life they lived
and in death they gived
who can mesure what a mans worth

- New hook
this is the new world order,
and were here to take it
this ain't no gimmick
life is what you make it
there ain't no limit
so carefull for you break it

New hook-
"Save Hip-hop
the call gose out
Save hip, Save hop
save hip, save hop

want to make a notion
to make a motion, so all M.C
show devotion
to all b-boys and b-girl all over the world
answer the call
yo lets save hip-hop once and for-all

start of chorus -
with out inspiration
there is no sensation
and it just fades into the past
with no reflection how long will it last

the day begins a new
with tru hip-hop black and blue

new song

his it, this is the show, im one step-away from it all, down ward i fall.
so im livin for this each moment i get, is another chance to shine or another regret.
it seems each verse that i rhyme is another moment in time with my crew at my back and the people on the right, it just seems there here to fight.
as i start up with pain, i wonder could acompish this dream, could i make plans? could i scheem?
one thing know is that no matter where i go, ill allways be true to my self and ill say-

"them dude over there can't top us,
them crew over there can't stop us, so when i get the mic you all gota go, when i get the mic im bustin my flow

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