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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

In a recent interview with MTV Diddy said, "People have figured out the formula when they make records for radio, and DJs ain’t DJs no more. DJs don’t break records no more. DJs don’t play album cuts. DJs play what is going to move the crowd. DJs, they don’t expose you to the newness. That was the DJs’ thing. Hip-hop is in a recession also.”

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This is a strong statement. How y'all feel about this?

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any way, let him think what he want to, and let us do what we have to do, we can keep hip hop striving, yeaah we all want to get rich, but let's keep the music first and we can make it work, this might be what it took to get us together!!!!
yep, so us Indy's has to give you guy's good material to work with, I'll do that for you, and if it's not, I'll use the critique for the next project, we've got 6 artist, and we will work hard to give you what you want!!!!

The Wave said:
SD Entertainment (cc) said:
I know the company in corporate owned stations have the say so, but I think dj's can still make or brake the record, but this still make it hard for indy artist and companies, but we still pushing hard!!!

Sure radio is responsible for playing records not breaking them, and the labels each week will ask you where it is in rotation,, cause the higher it is in rotation, the more spins it gets, thus the reason we keep hearing the same song every 30 or 40 minutes, especially if the station has a tight playlist.
I agree 4 da most part! Im sick of djs not playin local shit 4 free and givin niggas luv that got deals,even if the music shitty! I thnk everybody selling out now and days niggas aint 100 no more...SMH...
am from Africa and dont support diddy`s comment,as we dj`s uganda every artist that comes with something hot or not it`s spinned if wack thats a no no,,,now for diddys statement not all dj`s are like that.Some of us adifferent.
WELL I have to agree with DIDDY shit. His whole interview. Very few REAL DJ'S are left. Coming from the era where I was an INDIE artist & the DJS were SPINNING. If the RECORD was Hot. They would take it themselves & spin, push & BREAK u themselves. I had DJS do this within my CAREER. Radio airplay was DIFFERENT. Also had DJS tell me out of they own MOUTH u send me $$$ then I'll play whatever u want me 2. Lol its about the MONEY now with MOST. The fact is VERY FEW REAL DJ'S ARE LEFT PERIOD. That's all DIDDY saying to me. Some of yal a trip lmao.

"I wouldn't go as far as to say DJ's killed Hip-Hop, but DJ's aren't DJ's anymore. What happened to mixing tracks that don't go together. What happened to the EXCLUSIVE FREESTYLES? I don't hear that anymore on mixtapes. I'm use to the DJ Clue era when mixtapes were mixtapes."-Diddy

"It's also sad to see an independent artist try to get their record spinned and the damn DJ want $500 for one spin. The artist doesn't even know weather or not if the song would be a banger! Some DJ's are taking their occupation to another level. Just do your job, spin and break records. -Diddy

Yeap, Yeap (CLASSIC) smh he went in but telling the TRUTH. Damn it would be NICE to go back to the GOOD OLE DAYS.

Much Luv!

LMAO I do not believe the BS i am seeing on here of folks who agree with Diddy, lemme be the first to say "F" Diddys opinion!!! First of all do your dayum job and make a real hit banga!!! Secondly when DJ's allowed radio to take out of our hands what we had been doing for the longest, there is where the problem arose, Third, you allow radio to brainwash everyone with what they perceive as the hit, play that ish every dayum hour and when its all said and done people believe that to be the truth. Naw some of you DJ's lost your balls and your voice at the same time and bitched up and accepted it like it radio is God. I DO NOT EXPECT THE NEWER DJ'S TO GET WHAT I AM SAYING, BUT THOSE OF YOU 15 YEARS PLUS IN THE GAME KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I'M SAYING TO BE THE TRUTH!!! Diddy could never come at me with that nonsense especially as hard as I push this city I am in.
And while we on the subjet of radio and Diddy, how bout you tell these labels to pay the artist instead of radio??? Guess what "Diddy" you about to eat those same words you spit out. WHY??? Cause most stations will not be able to stay in business when and if that bill passes for "FREE RADIO" to start paying artist for royalties that labels owe them. Some body tell me then whats going to happen??? Here lemme help you spell it's all coming back to the DJ again, they will want to know what's hot and not again based on us, the DJ. YOU artist will once again need us....funny how that just revolves around in a big circle. ANY and I mean ANY DJ....Core or not have an issue with what I am saying, speak on it, I guarantee for every dispute you say ain't true, I can pull a tooth outta your mouth for every child you fathered and don't support. Hey can hate me now!!!
Wow!!! I can't believe he had the balls to make this sort of comment when he has a project due to drop that he keeps pushing back & WHY, Because the promo's he dropped weren't hot enough for acceptance until now. Diddy of all people should know the formula for success. That's how he built Bad Boy. Now I ain't no hater by a long shot, as a matter of fact I was one of the main Dj's in the Midwest to crack all of Diddy's joints. I got a wall of plaques from all the spinns & to hear him put that label on ALL DJ's is a poke in the ass. We Dj's in the industry know how this is played, I've been on radio, TV, Clubs, tour dates etc. In radio, the program director gives you a list to play from of "must be included in you mix" songs. To keep a job in the clubs you must @ least play what the crowd is used to "hearing on radio". On tour from city to city you play what's hot to keep you "working" on to the next gig. Yes, some of our Dj counterparts aren't doing their job which is to promote the "art of music". But then I've long said that everybody isn't a DJ either! Just because you have the equipment & gotten a hold of the music doesn't make you a DJ which may be why we're all getting shit on with that statement. Djing is a art form that takes shape from the art you put on display from your fingers to the public's ears. The ears do HEAR! Some Dj's do give the ears a choice.

dj smokey t said:
I disagree with Diddy's comment, let us look at this deeper. Radio stations, the dj's/presenters they employ, most of them lose track of what's hot and what's not. If we didn't have illegal (pirate) /internet radio a lot of the artists' songs that is being played would not be heard and including album cuts..When you listen to a legal radio dj set in a club, its like listening to a radio show, and that's all round the world..
Good shit fam! U hit on shit that needs 2 be heard. It's about passing the torch. I've trained & given any Dj who wanted to learn the knowledge, the stage & know how to aspire. We need to nurture this craft so it grows upward, not bent over.

Dj II D.E.E.P said:
I feel that in some ways he is right. But in some ways he is wrong. Alot of people are taking the title "DJ" for granted. I know at least ten people who put that title in front of their name and literally have never put two songs together for an audience in their life. Its just like rap. Everyone's a "AND1 HOOPSTAR" but dont have any fundamentals. Cant beat match(they just press the SYNC function on the latest technology), cant read a crowd, and dont have an ear for music. Its just another hustle. Part of that is the forefathers of hip hop's fault. We are the only genre that i know of where the older generation is so fearful of loosing they're position that they refuse to pass knowledge and wisdom to the younger generation. They just continue to sit back and laugh as you "bump your head" til you get it right.This creates the opportunity for "cheaters" to flourish because their's no induction process. The same way old school hustlers felt when crack came around. Now anybody with $50 can be a dealer when before you had to be groomed. So instead of realizing your gate keeper status, its just something to do to help with the truck note. Of course they're are acceptions, but since I was 16 I've watched this happen. I try to be different in that I give game and at the same time let aspiring people I run across know that you are apart of a freternity and it shouldnt be taken lightly. Not to mention djs have just truely started to get the recognition they truely deserve. So of course some are, to paraphrase JUVENILE; "Actin like a nigga that aint never had shit".....Just like when rap as a hole started seeing real money, it took a while for rappers to get the "wildin" out they system. DJs gonna need that same time. And lastly a person in Diddy's position should send A&R's to find djs the same way they are supposed to find artist......Dont come in to a city, turn on your radio and listen for which djs name get mentioned the most. If you are into rap/hiphop you need to come to the hood and see hits in there natural habitat. There is where you will find the djs (like me) that are willing to take a shot on the song/artist. My crew ( DJZNDAHOOD) is based on that principle, but we are not the only ones. Stop celebrating the "dj" that can make everybody look at him and start celebrating the dj that makes everyone look at you!
If he's talking about some DJs, then I agree. If he's talking about DJ's in general, fuck him!! There's alot of good music out there but you got DJs young & old that are afraid to play it. Hiphop is hurting right now cause DJs & artists won't evolve. You got alot of DJs pushing garbage hard cause they're getting paid to and alot of DJs just following along. Ya'll may hate me but I'm gonna say it. The majority of commercial radio sucks right now & alot of DJs simply replay the stuff that's on radio. Have some balls and play some different shit. As far as artist dissing DJs, check your fucking history. You got in the game because of DJs. Show some respect. DJs are the backbone of hiphop. Respect the culture!

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