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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

I'm So Tired Of ARTIST that get to big headed and haven't sold ANYTHING....

I was looking for the discussion about mother fuckers that owe you money post it here. I couldn't find it so I had to start it here. Ok this goes out to any artist that think they are using anyone for their personal game. I'm venting, because I just got word that an artist that I've managed and devoted my time for several years and money in his career. I didn't ask for money, but however look out for a nigga when you get on I need to get my company up and running. Well guess what? Mother fucker signed to Universal and CUT me out.

Now to all you artist that do that triflin shit. Let me tell you that you ain't stopping nothing. You show where your loyalty lies it will get around and then no one will fuck with you. If you're anything like me I take that anger and use it for good. What it does to me it just makes me HUSTLE more harder. I don't worry, because god got me regardless.

The moral of this story is YOU REAP WHAT YOU SO and when the grass seem greener on the other side it usually isn't. Stop looking for people to do something for you when you not even investing in yourself.

Yeah I may got cut out, but everything is Keep on Keepin On

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this has happened oh so often with me (us) in this business... its riduculous.. just keep it moving..! T-PAIN, MYSTIKAL, YING YANG, LIL JON, EVE........ just to name a few... OOPS!!! DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD!!! lol!

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