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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

I'm a firm believer that if your doing something right, you are always going to have people come out the wood works and turn on you for no good reason other then to make themselves relevant. So in my blog I have created 10 bitch ass moves that industry bitch asses make to let you know that they are a bitch ass hater. This goes out to all the niggas who got to much time on their hands and mad because they ain't making no money!

1.The switch up-You know you got a bitch ass hater when, one minute cats act cool with you one minute and then switch up on you the next like they never had a conversation with you or even gotten to know you.

2.The hear say-How about the asshole that sees you beefing with somebody else and they know of you but don't really know you that well and make a judgment based on what somebody else told them about you instead of addressing you according to your own character and how you treated them?

3.The Opportunist-Got to love these dudes, these are the dudes that maybe indirectly had something to do with a situation but not really. But because their name was mentioned briefly and not the sole focus they make themselves relevant because they are not getting enough attention in their own lives. Now you will know these cats because they always say god bless and god is in their lives and they would never do this that and the third but when you do a industry back ground check you find out that these are the same dudes snake you out of your money and screw you in your music contracts.

4. The liar- Now this is what kills me, the dude or chic that tells so many lies that they don't even realize how many lies they told and then they are not even aware that people don't even pay them any real attention because they done shot their own credibility down.

5. The bater- These are the bitch ass haters that will start shit with you and attempt to create a blog about you talking shit with out any real credibility to their own worth or company for that matter. These cats are the ones whose reputation is so bad in the industry that they are in denial about themselves. They do wrong and they scream they going to pay somebody back but still doing wrong and paid nobody back!

6.The cry baby- These are the bitch asses that sit up and cry because their feelings got hurt and can't move on with life. Let me break something down for you. The music industry is not for the faint at heart and all that hurt feelings shit ain't got nothing to with the business. Get money or get the fuck out the industry.

7. The Snake - This is the double talking cat whose mouth game is so serious they could sell water to a beach wale. At the same token these are the same cats who will play you close and they befriend you and the first chance they get, they take you for everything that your worth.

8. The irrelevant hater- I think the title speaks for it's self. These are the cats that sit up on the net all day and because they made some contacts with a few people on the net they think their net worth is something. Mean while their asses is still broke and talking shit. Because they are on the net they think it gives them some relevancy, news flash, you still ain't shit. Get money then come back and holla.

9. The eenvyr- can see there is no such word but this is hip-hop and I can speak Ebonics today. This is the person who talks about how much power a person has and hates on that individual and speaks lies against them because they wish they had it. These are also the same fools that spend time promoting the fact that their insignificant asses called somebody out. Mean while most real industry niggas is getting money and not paying your dumb ass no attention.

10. The Industry Hater- Somebody who just don't want to see you progress period because their sorry asses is at a stand still in their careers. They blame everybody else but never look inward and want to know why shit don't go their way. Well I'm here to tell you if you engage in any of these activities guess what you are a bitch ass hater and you tell them that Isis said so! So if you ever find someone that fits this description tell them your a BITCH ASS HATER. Go on with your broke ass....

If you can relate then say it loud!

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good piece...i love it!!!
Thank you Isis. I love number 7. So with all that said and done, I want everybody to log onto Facebook and sign our Petition, it's getting close to 2,000 signatures and also please become members to help fight a Cause, it's getting close to 200 members.

Help a sister out and also help the foundation.

We love everybody:-)

Victoria Smith
Founder/Chief Creative Officer
Tears For Hope Foundation
IM BLACK IM PROUD AND I HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR SIS!!!!!!!!!! 1-10 YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you rock that writen
That's what's up!!!!!
This say it all in a nut shell. I feel uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. KD:-]
great blog everything is true
love the post!
i love da shit ma make ya haterz ya motivataz!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG girl you hit the nail right on the head. Hell I am going through 1-10 as we speak. Honestly I don't give a fuck about what people say about me anyway. I have always been that way. However if people make judgment about me without knowing me then I don't want them in my circle anyway, because they have no mind of there own. All the hating is just a sign that bigger things are down the road thats greater then I can even imagine. If not then why am I the subject of every conversation. I loved to be talked about you just giving me free promotion and really truly you probably just my number one fan. Keep talking Haters THANK YOU.
I like #8. Isis is so trill 4 this blog.
right on!

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