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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Musa Zadika Beyom: Blending Cultures and Sounds in Modern Music

Musa Zadika Beyom is a standout figure in the constantly expanding realm of modern music, expertly fusing his rich cultural heritage with current sounds to create a distinct genre he labels as "PopSoul." Originally known as Ashanti Wiggins, Beyom's diverse and dynamic path in the music scene mirrors the variety and depth of the songs he creates. His heritage enhances his music, imbuing it with a richness and range that appeals to a broad audience. Every tune and verse he produces serves as a tribute to his personal journey, highlighting his skill in blending conventional melodies with present-day musical styles seamlessly.

Musa Zadika Beyom embarked on his musical journey during his childhood, joining his father, Rob Wiggins, in visits to various recording studios. Wiggins, a key member of the renowned group The Drifters, was actively involved in the funk music scene alongside his band BT Express during Beyom's formative years. This early exposure to the music industry sparked Beyom's love for music and offered him invaluable insights that molded his perception of music and beyond. Moreover, the time spent in the studio with his father laid the groundwork for Beyom's musical growth, significantly influencing his approach to crafting his own music.

Musa Zadika Beyom characterizes his music to unfamiliar listeners as an enthralling amalgamation where a disco rhythm intersects with a trap beat accompanied by pop synthesizers and heartfelt vocals. This groundbreaking genre is meticulously crafted to envelop listeners, immersing them in a feeling of being embraced, loved, secure, protected, and acknowledged. Beyom's musical philosophy places great emphasis on constructing an emotional sanctuary through his compositions, with the intention of establishing a profound connection with his audience. This experiential approach to music accentuates his aspiration to offer more than just harmonies and beats; he strives to deliver a profound emotional and auditory encounter that deeply resonates with those who encounter his music.

Musa Zadika Beyom attributes his artistic development to a diverse group of influential musicians. Singers such as Teddy Pendergrass and Christopher Williams have played a significant role in shaping his vocal style. Moreover, he has drawn inspiration from the innovative vocoder techniques of Roger and Teddy Riley, which have influenced his skillful use of autotune to achieve specific vocal effects. Beyom's production skills have been influenced by Tank, whose songwriting, vocals, and production techniques have resonated with him. Additionally, the soulful essence of Jodeci has left a lasting impact on his music, giving it a deep, emotive quality that sets his sound apart.

At present, Beyom is fully engaged in a project called "The Crush, The Courtship, The Wedding, and The Honeymoon." Anticipation grows among supporters and enthusiasts as the initial five tracks of this endeavor are scheduled to be unveiled on June 13, with pre-orders already accessible on platforms such as iTunes.

Beyom is recognized as 'Rabisheikh,' which translates to 'Chief of Princes,' a title given to him by his sheikh upon his return to the Middle East. This designation signifies his importance, ties to his heritage, and the diverse cultural influences that shape his music.

Musa Zadika Beyom's collaboration with Levels Music Entertainment in Virginia has played a crucial role in shaping his musical career. This partnership has been instrumental in honing his skills and expanding his fan base, enabling him to connect with a wider audience. Beyom views his music and journey as a quest to rediscover his roots and redefine his identity through the profound language of music. He embodies the resilience and transformative power of music, using his platform to motivate his listeners with a profound message: "You have the ability to rebuild." This philosophy not only shapes his personal story but also inspires his followers to embrace their own paths of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

Beyom is highly active on social media and music streaming platforms, allowing fans to interact with him directly. You can find him on TikTok (@musazadikabeyom) and Instagram (@AnaniOzorumba), where he shares his latest projects and glimpses into his personal and professional life. Be sure to check out his new music on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here) starting June 13th, as this marks a significant milestone for the talented artist.

Musa Zadika Beyom is an emerging artist who fuses his rich cultural heritage with modern rhythms to carve out a space for himself in the music industry. More than just a musician, he is a storyteller who integrates personal experiences into each track, creating a unique narrative experience. With his fresh and soulful style, Musa takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and deep connections, promising groundbreaking tunes—and we are eagerly anticipating it.

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