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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Why sign up with has all of the best features of your favorite online music sources, but we cater to the independent artist. You aren’t forced to compete with top 40 artists and huge marketing budgets to get your music heard. You get your own dedicated page here at( that includes songs,beats,albums, reviews,bio,and even details about your upcoming shows. On your page you can sell your beats,mp3downloads,you can even sell Album's. That’s in addition to being submitted in our weekly or monthly mixcd ("mixtape") all you have to do is sign up and once your signed up,you can submit two of your hottest songs or beats.You can even become a featured artist on our homepage.And we work hard to get you sales also.

You don’t have to be exclusive to us in any way. You own all your music and can use it anywhere else as you wish. There is only a small setup fee of $9.95 per a year LIMITED TIME OFFER and you can cancel with us anytime at no penalty. For that minimal fee, we make available of your songs for customers to listen and buy,upload your full songs for download for sale or free(That's if you give away for free) upload any cover art or pictures, give you your own page, and handle your sales AND MAKE SURE YOU GET PAID ON TIME.

The best part about all of this is that you get to keep more money! Why should the artists have to starve? Just let your fans know they can find your music here and we handle the rest. We take the credit card orders THROUGH PAYPAL, send you an email letting you know that you made a sale, deal with all the paperwork & delivery details, and then cut you a check! You get a 100% of every sale you make.* That means, for example, that if you sell a download for $1, you get a 100% PROFIT compared to only about 45 to 60 cents with any other online music store.You sell your music how you want it, and you keep the money!

So sign up today, Sell unlimited songs and beats for $9.95 a year
Free members limited to only 10 songs/beats

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Request ''World War 3'' by lil fig n cutthroat new hot track @ also hit me @
Request ''World War 3'' by lil fig n cutthroat new hot track @ also hit me @

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Stop thread jacking.................

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