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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

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come thru & ck me out
@a1dapromoter on twitter

Genesis Music Ent said:

Boogie Black "Blame It on the Henny"

Twitter:  @iamboogieblack


Boogie TV:

Traphouse♛Coalition from B'ham,Al



iTunes sell music Quantcast



As you seen in the past few days on Twitter and other social media outlets, the new single created by NOE from his upcoming album NOE Remorse, is finally here. If you have already clicked the link going around the worldwide web, you have caught a glimpse of the mobile webpage NOE presents to the public and the music industry to promote his single. By deciding to take an innovative approach when it comes to the launch of his new brand, NOE has been able to generate curiosity and create a buzz that will be memorable in the eyes of peers and fans alike. This offers the viewer a better chance to get to know the artist, hear his music, and create brand perception all within one click on a mobile phone or computer. This technique helps communicate the full image of NOE the Brand across the world without diluting it. Fans and DJ's will appreciate being able to easily access his music and enjoy the use of it being fast, mobile, easy to download, and most of all; being free to share with others.

This is being sent to inform you of the new single entitled "We City Boyz" by NOE. This track is a real club banger, a great party track, and an exciting song to give partygoers the feeling that makes them reach the peak of their enjoyment at any party event. It's a song about the good times, the fun, memorable nights enjoyed in the nightclub scene. This song is a perfect addition to your hip hop radio station rotation and can transition perfectly into the nightclub DJ set of "go to" records that really move the crowd. "We City Boyz" is a catchy, feel good song that will make the listener smile and reminisce on their favorite nightclub memories. Celebrities and ballers will also love this song when it is played for them during the celebratory sparkling bottle service, the sound and words of the track will give them that special effect needed to appear superiour to all others watching. We encourage you to be a trendsetter and break this record first to your listeners, you are sure to be rewarded with great feedback and more requests to hear it, solidifying you as one who knows what powerful music is. Please reply if there is anything we can do for you to help you play this track. If you need drops, a special remix, or anything else don't hesitate to ask, we will respond quickly to meet your needs. Please select a link below to download the clean and dirty version of the track. The link will take you to a webpage where all you need to do is click the mp3 and download it into your DJ software. If you need further assistance reply with detailed instructions on how you would like the song delivered to you.
For information on having NOE as a guest on your show or performer at your event,  detailed contact information has been provided to you below.
Thank you in advance for your support of the "We City Boyz" single and NOE the Brand. To find NOE on the various social media outlets and to learn more about NOE and the history of NOE the Brand, please visit


KAVIAR emerges from the group HOUSE OF REPS  previously signed to KING OF ROCK ENTERTAIMENT !!! 

DJ'S I have EXCLUSIVE ACAPELLA tracks for your MIXED CD'S !!!

Need PERSONALIZED DROPS....I will email you Mp3 via (YOU SEND IT)  safe file transfer !!!

Multi-Platinum Producer: SELF SERVICE said " I had to run back in the room, when KAVIAR ripped the MIC "

Michael Brinkley Mgmt


ph: (203) 360 - 5483

To hear (3) tracks GO TO:

DOWNLOAD THE STREET ALBUM "Sorry To Keep You Waiting..."




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