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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

The Core DJ’s Awareness Campaign & Independent Consulting Program

The Core DJ’s Awareness Campaign & Independent Consulting Program

First, I would again like to thank you again for the opportunity to show you what we can brought to the table. It’s good to know that someone else thinks the way we do & is willing to give us the chance that many pass up or just haven't taken the time to realize what our relationships in the industry can do for any given situation.

About what we've built with The Core DJ's:

There is no mystery to the music industry as to the weight of the creditability that The Core DJ’s carry. Heavily connected and highly respected in both the entertainment and music industries,

The Core DJ’s currently hold the title as the largest DJ-lead conglomeration in the world, where all of our members serve as the elite in various areas of radio, television, music, DJing, journalism, modeling, marketing & mass media.

We would like to use our influence to help your music become one of the stand outs in what we call "our music industry" by directing music to the appropriate DJ's & A&R's from around the COUNTRY, not just sending it out in just some random e-mail blast but getting it to WHO it needs to get to.

New and emerging artists, labels and moguls are arriving on the scene every day, but lack of experience, training and proper work ethic has resulted in the demise of many one-hit-wonder artists, fly-by-night record labels and never-heard-of-again moguls. This fruitless cycle has made it increasingly difficult to adequately consult advice and develops potential artists & businesses. as a result, individuals lose sight of who is relevant, consistent, and trustworthy.

I've have recognized this problem and have we've created a solution that will be both beneficial to the artists and the label

The e-blast, consultation, ect that we will provide is a service for serious & determined artists.

Not only will you get expert advice from myself & my ears of experience in the areas of marketing, promotions, radio, production and public relations but you have assurance that your label, record, product, or company will get the attention and notoriety that it deserves.

Being the CEO/Founder of the Core DJ's also Co-Founders, &, we are the ONE of the FEW DJ organization that’s the first to break today’s hits & mold tomorrow’s

Do to the CLIMATE of the industry as a WHOLE, this is highly exclusive & a few of the luxury includes, but is not limited to the following services

We will also create awareness for the Label as well as our artists a create various marketing strategies

•e-mail blast to ALL DJ's in The Core & across the country to all associate DJ's (Mixshows, On-Air, Club, Mixtape DJ’s) on the Moremixshows/Core email Blast, my partners, GreenHitz, MP3 Blast, UGOTWAXX, also thru, The Core DJ’s Twitter (@thecoredjs, & The Facebook Groups)

• Placement on Core Digital (that's if u choose/need a digital situation)

• Placement on website (feature artist) for 4 weeks.

We are also available to provide the following for you or your label (1)

• One-on-one (hands on) consultations of music, brand and/or company with our executive staff, for the artists/label

• Verbal, visual and/or personal critique from lead taste-makers from various outlets.

• Image consultation and development from an accredited public relations expert.

• helping the artist achieve radio promotions (upon demand)

NOTE: Be advised that this extremely rare situation that we have, Other rates & fees vary depending on your needs & positioning (1)


GIVE US A CALL @ 877 333 9940 x3

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All Day on this !!! You guys should change ya name 2 the CORE DJ ANGELS OF GOD!
I think this is nice. So many people on the Core Family send there talent through here. If Core Win We All Should Win, in some type of way. Then everyone just not going to make it, let get that out here, Just Keepin Real Also. Tony, I think this ideal and message to the folk is real. I will be in touch. Keep Tha Faith!

hitme on this if you haven't heard from mw by now .. 877 333 9940 x6
YO IM DIGGIN THIS BOSSMAN!! im mos definitly bout to take advantage of this within the coming week(prior obligations demand my attention)
what about an promotions and marketing company partnering with the core's dj's
This sounds like a great avenue for artists!!! I love the idea:)

this sounds like an awesome thing

This is shakdawgs, head of diggydimemusic. It sounds like a great service. We will def b joining forces. This summer we comin with alot of music so, it'd b our pleasure doin business with the core djs.....Harlem out!
Is this service still available.... I have been calling the number above and left messages and have not got a call or email in regards to it.

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