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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

What do YOU consider OLD SCHOOL?? What era did you come up in ..?

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== JAY SEZ: ==
...true dat!! ;)

The Question is relevant to when you lived the music not just heard about it. For me it was the late 60's early 70's forward when music was colorless and Funk was a a four letter word. Watching Soul melt into P-Funk into Disco into Hip Hop into today. Let me illustrate it here for all my true DeeJays. I don't open the tape vault often. Love Yaw'll!
Ah old school,oldie but goodie. The stuff that makes yo' momma wanna "boogie".

Marvin, the Ojays, the temptations, Bob James, Earth wind and fire,Aretha Franklin,Bobby Caldwell,The Jackson Five ,that's old school to me.

Anything made within the last 20 years isn't old school,because I'm not old yet and I'm in my twenties.

Its killing me how radio wants to play Cam'ron "oh boy" 4 times on flash back friday,like its older than dust lol. (don't get me wrong I like the song) But that's not old school....
Born In '83

Old school for me is all of the late 80s early/mid 90s.
the music i came up too!

some of my favorite songs/artist:

Kid n' play - aint my type of hype
lil vicious - freaks
big L - ebonics
nas - the message
El debarge -rhythm of the night
dazzy dukes
bobby brown - my perogative
all of new edition
lisa lisa and cult jam
shades (destinys child before destinys child)
george krantz - din da da

Anything from the 80's and before. There was a whole different vibe back then. The music was fun and had more funk & soul.

The 80's is old school for me...and this is a classic that represents that. People forgot about this joint!!
nobody ever talk about the go-go scene like trouble funk, slim ,EU or rapper dapper snapper , einstine eat em up , davy d ,dr jeckle mr hyde an we cant forget about the house with farley and jm silk kenny jammin jason an so on guess it all depend on where you from
T-La Rock & Mantronix .........They was hot then.

Official #HnF Anthem "We Fly Highhhhh" ....


Official #HnF Anthem "We Fly Highhhhh" ....

If you from da south and You were chillin at your Grandma House and Aunt's,Uncle's, Cousins & Bar B Que & Drinking & Dancing was goin on, Maybe you can relate

Clarence Carter's "Strokin"

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