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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Life is very similar to Chemistry and we must all learn the game of life.

When someone ("does you wrong") mistreated you,  negative charges are being released from that person.

If you respond with a negative charge also, things gets blown out of proportion, hurtful words, hatred  violence can erupt very quickly.

However if you respond with a positive charge ( "do that person right" ) stay calm and treat him with the upmost respect and help the best you can when the occassion arises, you then release a positive charge.

Negative Charges are released along with Positive charges, the Positives charges broke the resistance encountered and everything gets back to normal.

In our daily life we are exposed to negative charges from friend, family members, spouse, co workers or just a stranger.

When one is comfronted by an argument with his spouse,  family member, friend or a stranger, they are releasing negative charges , do not fall into the trap and release negative charges as well things will be blown out of proportion and the results can become catastrophic. Instead release positive charges like for instance " I apologize, I'm sorry didn't mean to do so, please forgive me."

By doing so you broke the resistance by releasing positive charges . Also be certain that the negative charges  (force or forces) will return several times with some negative charges to attempt to irritate you, stay calm and keep sending positive charges at them, they will finally give up after so many attempts.

However Life differs slightly with chemistry in one aspect only ( the last one ).

1) Good (Love)    =  Attratcts   Bad (Hate) and turns it into good (Love) .  Positive and negative charges work well in Chemistry and in real Life, No resistance.

2)Bad (Hate)      =  Attracts more "Bad" (Hate) . 2 negative charges never work in Chemestry and real Life, Abundant Resistance .

3)Good (Love)   =  Attracts more "Good"  (Love).  2 positive charges do not apply in Chemistry (resistance)  but work well in real Life with no Resistance.

Peace within always help fight  negative charges (forces). It cannot be bought or sold, it is obtained only with unconditional Faith, Love, Obedience and helping others. It is the medecine (Holy Spirit within) that can only be administered by The almighty God to cure all diseases and troubles. 


Marc A. NADER 

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