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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

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Comment by tandee on January 24, 2009 at 12:41pm
You are right ...point taken and respected

Tony... you are a brilliant and innovative man please know I have NOTHING but respect and admiration for you and your organisation.

See you soon,

Comment by DJ QUEST on January 23, 2009 at 11:39pm
wtf?????????????/ lol
Comment by The Core DJ's on January 23, 2009 at 7:31pm
AGAIN ... listen.

YOU SAID REMOVE something from THE SITE. thats ALSO freedom of SPEECH. to POST.
ALL THAT RIGHTEOUS black man & woman statements could have been save for a more important post, T
Comment by tandee on January 23, 2009 at 7:53am
Nothing but respect. I will look forward to seeing you again here in Miami ... DRINKS ON ME ! (smile) And I STILL and plan and would to do a interview with you for my show. In fact I saw you yesterday when I viewed a EPK of a artist yesterday ... BLACK was the director. You did a cameo ...jumpin out of the Bentley steppin in the club scean ... Club 112. Cool !!

Much Love,


And DJ SKNO ...Thank you for your contribution to this exchange but ....IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK THAT YOU WOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING LIKE...... a '' Yo Tony !! The SISTA my have come on a little strong or have a different opinion or whatever she did so in protection of a BLACK MAN but is it not our job as BLACK MEN to SERVE, PROTECT and yes at times WORSHIP or women. Never ATTACK .... verbally or other wise.
It maybe our failure to do and UNDERSTAND this manybe why the world tends to view and treat and see us ... the true KINGS of the world as BOOFOONS and NIGGARS. There is a saying in the MUSLIM world my brother....

'' If you want to know the true WEAKNESS of a MAN ... all you have to do is check out how he TREATS and LOVES his WOMEN and CHILDREN''

Yeah ... that maybe too much too ask ! Peace and Love onto you too, My KING
Comment by tandee on January 22, 2009 at 10:36pm
Tony ....

First let me ask you this .... Is this a place where we can speak our minds or is it a ''popularity contest''?
And THANK YOU for the comparison as it regards me and ANGELA DAVIS ... i am with that for sure ! Lol

I always felt that the point of blogs and networks were for peeps to speak their minds and give opinions way to intelligent conversations and dialog. Not insults and name calling, especially not from the creator.
My comment are dumb ass ?!
Because it differs from yours ... or are there guideline that are to be followed if so I'm sorry I didn't get that memo ... and knowing me ... I would not have followed it any way .(smile)

I did watch and listen Tony... and what I saw was something that may have been meant to be funny but I simply didn't see the humor in it .... not when it came to OBAMA ...and I expressed that.

You could have just said you thought it was funny and that was your point of putting it out. Or just said ''no'' you won't remove it because you liked it..sorry I didn't. No problem !

But to ''go off''? wow ... deep

Its not something we get to see everyday...not even half of that statement.

And priding myself on being the same but of the opposite sex I simple ASKED you to remove it for I felt it was not the intelligent positive vibe we all was on just a minute ago ... and in that request I gave you far more respect than somehow you feel I'm not owed in your response.

I didn't call you names or curse you out nor insult you but clearly I struck a cord. And in doing so ... I deserve no respect at all?

I apologize ...not for what I said because I stand by my opinion but for the ''negative'' vibe it gave you that lead you to feel an vicious attack upon me was warranted. Clearly my meaning failed to register with you... I meant no harm whatsoever.
If I'm in YOUR opinion UPTIGHT ...DISGRUNTLED ... on some ANGELA DAVIS shit and ANGRY because I use, speak and have my own mind and is willing to express that then I will except what you say and give you all the respect due for expressing that.

I do however disagree ...and that's cool.

Although again ... I don't mind the ANGELA DAVIS comment ... I have nothing but respect for her. She was an amazing woman and mother ... in fact TUPAC SHAKUR's mother as you may know know was a part of her organization, THE BLACK PANTERS and from her womb came on of the most prolific writers and Hip Hop artist yet to live. Surly you must agree with that? (smile)
Again, THANK YOU. (smile)

But name calling .... wow ! Tony ! (smile)

But that's ok ....I CAN TAKE IT !

The question is ... WHY DO I HAVE TO?

Ok ..that was some ANGELA DAVIS shit .... YEAH ME !! (smile)

But seriously Tony ...

If this network is a dictatorship or a ''go along to get along'' kind of vibe then perhaps this is not something I should be a part of .... I was invited ... in fact by you. I though it was an amazing thing and was more than happy for the invitation.
But we had just met when you invited me... you didn't know me... but i guess you do now.

I'm a BOSS...WALK like a boss and TALK like a boss just like you and like you ...I have been for a long time and don't plan to change no time soon ...therefore I project myself that way ..ONLY I try to rule with an iron MIND ..not FIST. I know nothing less. Personally I don't understand given my people's history how or why anyone would expect anything less ... yeah there goes that ANGELA DAVIS thing again. lol

I will not remove myself for the reasons you state that I should for I disagree with you completely however if YOU wish to remove me ... I will fully understand and with that understanding ... I will know that I do not belong.

No hard feelings here Tony... I will continue to give you the same thing I want and require...
Comment by DJ SKNO™ CORE DJ's on January 22, 2009 at 5:02pm
Ha ha ha ha!!!~~ Lol~~~
Comment by The Core DJ's on January 22, 2009 at 3:16pm
tandy ..

this ain't got shit to do with TURNING on someone .. what the HELL are u talking about. if you look and listen, you wouldn't say that DUMB ass comment u just left ....

don't come on here with all that ANGELA DAVIS shit u comin' on here with. LISTEN TO THE VIDEO AND WHAT THEY SAID ... u that disgruntled, uptight, angry .... remove yourself from the network ..
Comment by tandee on January 22, 2009 at 12:04pm
So now we are going to ''market'' a video that suggests that someone should be throwing a shoe at the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT IN THE USA ....OBAMA ?!!

Dam Tony ..... whatz up with that?!!

As black people we must learn to be mindful of what we do now .... always should have but NOW MORE THAN EVER !! It never fails to amaze me how quickly we can be lead to turn against our own.

With all due respect Tony... Please take this down ....what purpose does it serve? But to promote IGNORANCE !! And GOD knows as a NY'er here living in Miami ....the one thing that is not needed .... IS MORE BLACK ON BLACK HATE AND IGNORANCE.

Peace !

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