All Videos Tagged BOONIE (CoreDJRadio) - CoreDJRadio 2021-09-21T18:28:39Z Lil Ole P - I Know 2009,2009-08-31:2501448:Video:372924 2009-08-31T04:21:57.393Z Lil Ole P <a href=""><br /> <img alt="Thumbnail" height="180" src=";width=240&amp;height=180" width="240"></img><br /> </a> <br></br><br></br> <br></br> <br></br> Lil Ole P - I Know<br></br> <br></br> Produced by : Boonie Mayfield<br></br> <br></br> <br></br> Lyrics Copyrighted 2009<br></br> US Library of Congress<br></br> "I Know"<br></br> <br></br> <br></br> Hook :<br></br> <br></br> <br></br> N I Know<br></br> that today the sun gon' shine<br></br> N I Know<br></br> that today Imma stay on my grind<br></br> N I Know<br></br> That you know I'm fly never… <a href=""><br /> <img src=";width=240&amp;height=180" width="240" height="180" alt="Thumbnail" /><br /> </a><br /><br /> <br /> <br /> Lil Ole P - I Know<br /> <br /> Produced by : Boonie Mayfield<br /> <br /> <br /> Lyrics Copyrighted 2009<br /> US Library of Congress<br /> "I Know"<br /> <br /> <br /> Hook :<br /> <br /> <br /> N I Know<br /> that today the sun gon' shine<br /> N I Know<br /> that today Imma stay on my grind<br /> N I Know<br /> That you know I'm fly never retire<br /> N I Know, N I Know, N I Know<br /> <br /> N I Know<br /> I been livin crazy lately<br /> N I Know<br /> I don't wanna die early<br /> N I Know<br /> I wanna live peaceful in harmony<br /> N I Know, N I Know, N I Know<br /> <br /> N I Know<br /> <br /> I been livin through a constant struggle<br /> Wake up daily to stack bread to eat we hustle<br /> N I Know that momma worry bout her bills<br /> But I know if I hustle for the money she no longer will<br /> <br /> Imma stay top my game, improvin skills<br /> Continuous climb up a never ending hill<br /> Relax take Xanax run packs with folks stay chill<br /> Take bills to make bills tactics n antics hustle will<br /> <br /> Never stop, never slow off never off track<br /> As I live, through the pain n strife cuz my past<br /> Is affectin my present, messin wit the future<br /> Terminated like, we was takin over by computers<br /> <br /> Imma hustler n lyrical maniac I'm afraid the facts<br /> Will flow outta me like pee from a race horse who is off track<br /> My flow spit like a glock miz long clip in a off black<br /> Livin just for today love my city n lay back<br /> <br /> Hook x1<br /> <br /> I'm tryna live in peace n harmony cuz Jesus is a part of me<br /> Still gotta 440 blade scars a part of me<br /> Not retarded but classified with A-D-H-D<br /> Parents mad when I skip class teachers grade me<br /> <br /> With a F in attitude but A plus in intelligence<br /> People focused on hatin me but they irrelevant<br /> Dont none of them know about the daily hell I'm in<br /> Stressed burnin white owls theres that stinky smell again<br /> <br /> See fakes on the street back stabbin friend again<br /> Showed nothin but love gave my mom a felony<br /> Your life should cease snitchin gettin penalties<br /> Recognize tryna live a better life Scarface entirely<br /> <br /> City awake at night, night n day<br /> Hip hop in me in my blood thats why I say<br /> I know about speakin truth in the booth<br /> Feel me before they kill me I know n now you know too<br /> <br /> (That Today The Sun Gon Shine...)<br /> <br /> Hook x1