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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

He May Aca Fool… Don’t Get It Confused He’s No Fool!

By: The Consultingguy

Aca Fool is an iconic hip hop personality who has an electric and humorously charismatic style which has gain him respect on the showmanship side as well as business side of the music industry. It was interesting to hear his interview on Lush Radio Online, his style of professionalism as well as business savvy itself is a unique marketable strategy of expressionism.

Lushy lush informed me that Mr. Aca Fool is good person to know and I was amazed when he recorded a drop for Lush Radio Online and myself on the spot. It was quite shocking, he didn’t hesitate two seconds. I was convinced for sure that Mr. Aca Fool was about getting his networking and business game on as well as having fun doing it. People will be able to tell for sure that Mr. Aca Fool enjoys what he does and does not really consider what he does work.

His honesty and timely antics led me to ask if you weren’t producing the hottest track for sound tracks and keeping the airwaves tuned into your sound what do you think you would be doing now? Aca Fool responded, "If I wasn't in music, I'd definitely be pursuing my other passion which is acting... However, I would be pulling my hair out at my counseling/psychology job because that's what I got my degree in."

Landing such notable contracts as having as his song "Ride" featured on the "Fast And Furious" soundtrack led me to the question of when did you realize that you were going to be successful in the industry? Mr. Aca Fool answered, "It still haven't come to that realization… Guess perception is reality and for me on the inside looking out I feel like I still got a LONG way to go, got alot more noise to make, so I have some great accomplishments under my belt but I'm HARD on myself and my measurement of SUCCESS is a lil bit higher than most people but I'm holding my own in the industry so I'm doing good." Well what obstacles did you overcome? Aca answered, "In this business obstacles come a dime a dozen, and there are so many for me but I'd have to say BUDGET has always been the consistent obstacle for me but I gotta thank GOD, DREAM CHASERS ENT, and MYSELF for consistently finding way's to get through that obstacle and being creative with the BUDGET we have and making moves based on good relationships."

Aca Fool has a very impressive story I asked him what influenced him to stick with it and focus on being a success in the industry? Mr. Aca Fool answered, "Honestly, I look in the mirror alot and ask myself what the heck are you still doing in this business because I HATE roller coaster rides and that's what this business is. However, I have to say my reason for sticking with it is that music comes natural to me and it's something that makes me happy at times and I have genuine people that support my movement and believe in my talent and obviously the potential for success with me is GREAT so quitting isn't an option. It's just important that I try to tap into all avenues of the business that I believe I can garner maximum attention, generate a buzz and make some money." Next I asked well how often do you work on perfecting your craft more, or perfecting you niche? Aca Fool answered, "I'm in the studio right now, working on a song for placement for cable show as well as my new mixtape "My Crazy Summer" and I still gotta engineer other peoples sessions. So I'd say that I'm perfecting my craft and niche EVERYDAY." Sounds like Aca Fool relates to not getting any rest until the job is done and done correctly.

With all of this said I knew how professional Aca Fool was, but do industry insiders sometimes not take you serious because of your professional name Aca Fool? Aca Fool stated, "Initially people don't take me serious, but once they hear me speak and see how I get down in the studio, their perception of me tends to change. I'm far from a fool, so don't let the name fool you." After having a conversation with him precise and methodical diction and conversation with him would not lead anyone to think otherwise.

I also wanted to know in particular who are some the artists or producers that have an influence in his music? And why? Aca Fool answered, "A tribe called Quest, Outkast, NWA, New edition, BBD, Whitney Houston, Slick Rick, Snoop Dog, 2 live crew, Boyz to Men, The Fugees, Hot Boyz, Usher, Dr. Dre, Jermain dupri, Timbaland, biggie, 2 pac, Kanye, T.I, LUDA the list goes on really. All these different artist and producers showed what GOOD MUSIC is." Also Which artist would you especially like to work with? He answered, "Andre 3000, Wyclef and Ice Cube." Definitely they are classic artists in the game holding their own.

What gave you the idea of coming up with that funny sound at the end of your drops? Aca Fool answered, "Ahh The YEEEEEEAAHH!!!!, Lil John inspired that because I was fascinated at how he can say it and not hurt his voice. Everytime I tried, I almost blew out a vocal cord so blame him....lmao." It certainly is an attention grabbing signature piece to his showmanship and it's funny as well.

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to interview you Mr. Aca Fool, go ahead and give them all your shout outs. "God, Shout out to Lushy!!!!, DREAM CHASERS ENT., MY FAMILY, Music Matrix Studio, the haters and a big shout out to MYSELF because some thing definitely wrong wit me, YEAAAAH!!!!!"

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