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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.


This video speaks volumes. And I hope you guys are paying attention to the REAL MESSAGE implied in his speech.

If BADBOY is the last Record Label standing, if this is true, what does that say about HIP HOP right now...and black music, in general?

You have to REALLY pay attention to HIP HOP and where it is the grand scope of things.

I live in Seoul, South Korea. As a result, I pay attention to the trends. And here, they love black music...R&B, Hip Hop, etc. They love it so much, they emulate it in their own artists. I understand that this is true in other world markets: Japan, China, Countries in Africa, and Europe.

But there's a problem.

World market distrbutors of music recently placed a ban on receiving music that it is considered negative and not conducive to their ways of life. Seoul, South Korea is included in this group as well.

They love the melodies, beats, rhythm, and etc. Yet, the lyrics are considered toxic to their countries' traditions and values. As a result, the youth in these countries are becoming too Westernized (i.e. American) and that's a problem for them.

So, that has contributed to the problem of hip hop's downfall, along with the internet, downloads and whathaveyou. These world market music distributors have opted to accept R&B, but only if there are no hip hop lyrics...or gangsta rap --- as they still refer to it.

Not to mention, when people accept Lil' Wayne's choice to do ROCK, it is received as Hip Hop running out of or losing creativity.

So, where does that leave the DJ? True, Diddy is right, you have power, In HIP HOP, the DJ Came First. But if the music is not acceptable, or not present, because of creative lack, then what must you do.


Without hip hop, where does that leave the hip hop community. We like to say 'CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP' but are we going to have no choice, but to STOP?

No. I don't accept that. Hip Hop is a vital force in the black American community!

The world fell in love with hip hop because it began as a positive force politically, in self-expression, in creativity, and just to have fun. How much of that is there, anymore?

When it's negative, vile, rude, bragging, about beefing, who wants it?

Think about it. (scratch your head)

Do you want a friend who's expressive, creative, educating, positive, progressive, and fun?

Or, do you want a friend who's always beefing with somebody, vile, rude, bragging about his or her materials, or saying ignorant mess?

I love hip hop.

I am a child, student, and a teacher in hip hop. So, this criticism is out of love (constructive) -- tough love -- so that my friend, HIP HOP, can continue to live on?

I don't want HIP HOP to die.

Blessings and favor to you all,

Talia Ashley
Founder, HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc.

LISTEN TO DIDDY'S SPEECH AGAIN and PAY ATTENTION TO BODY LANGUAGE. He's HUGGING becaue it's REAL. If he is the last Hip Hop Record Label Mogul, HIP HOP has PROBLEMS in 2009.

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