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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

The industry is dead and to me the reason is because people are getting hip to how these labels work and how they run the labels are making artist and indies have to learn more and do more to get a deal and once you have did the work and you have learn how to make money doing it whats the reason to sign and lets be honest the game is going are has gone digital from ringtones to downloads now of days all you need to win is a strong internet game and some love from from the djs and record pools like Core Djs the way to beat the labels at there own game is to find the same companies that help them run smooth like outside companies that help with their marketing promotion and radio promotion and video promotion but be careful when dealling with some outside radio promoters cause not all of them can really break your record like the say they can cause lets be real the game sometimes is dirty and a lot of guys will tell you they broke such and such record but in real life the only work on about 4 station on breaking the record you might have to get more than one radio promoter and what ever you do dont just hand them 25,000 and be looking sad when you dont get your 250 spins a week cause u was boo boo the fool of the week you let them ge you 4 to 5 stations if your spins show u then if you trust them you get 4 to 5 more stations with them well thats it for today guys i will be back with more info

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I go to college for digital audio production and we had a panel on what you are asking,,, the big things we discussed are these,, In todays age of internet and digital deals the one thing major labels have that most dont is the money for major marketing and distribution, , thats the big perc,,, but a major label deal is not needed for that either,, you can market yourself and network thru myspace, soundclick, and so many more sites... and the days of breaking new songs thru the radio are gone,, clear channel , and 5 star music have all but ruined radio to me. Most stations are playing on a 12 current system, which basically means you will hear the same song at least every 12 songs,,, I miss the days of independent radio stations, where local artist could get plays, ,,, and as far as Indie labels go,, its the only way to go in this age, you have all control over what goes on ,, we discussed a few artist in New York who where pushing cds on the corners,, one of our panelist, a songwriter from nashville stopped and asked the guy how mancy cds he sold a day,, the guy said 500-1000 at $15 a peice,,, he then asked the guy about record deals,, the guy looked at him and daid why would I need a deal? he made on average 5,000.00 a day,, granted hes on the corner all day,, but that all goes into his pocket. we were told of how a major label gives a artist a $250,000 budget to record a album,, thats session musicians, studio time,, etc... If you dont go platinum with the first release ,, you owe them that, not to mention the cars, clothing, and all that that you will be in what they call the red until all moneys owed them are paid back,,, thats why so many go bankrupt they dont see any money until the 2nd or 3rd album,,, really sucks if you ask me...
independent is the way to go don't have to worry about getting rip off.

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