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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, File

For once I’m going to actually side with Jerry Jones. Rumors were circulating that Jones was considering leaving the door open for a possible return for Adam “Pacman” Jones, but yesterday he put those rumors to bed.

The Cowboys owner claims that he’s not worried about Pacman getting into trouble off the field, and even says that he actually blames the bodyguard for the fight that lead to Pacman’s 6 game suspension last season. He also went on to say that Pacman graded out as the Cowboys best corner.

I find both of these statements to be really interesting. If he graded out as your teams best cornerback, and you’re not worried about him getting in trouble then why not bring him back. Is it because he didn’t live up to the defensive spark the coaches and suits thought he would be? No, that couldn’t be it because he’s still better than the other corners on your tam according to old Jerry.

I think I know why, because he’s fronting for the press. You know good and well he doesn’t feel like stressing over any more players. Let’s just do a quick review, six arrests while he was with the Titans, then he misses an entire year due to a suspension, then he goes to Dallas and gets suspended again.

This could probably all be overlooked had Pacman put it down last year, but 31 tackles and zero interceptions just wasn’t what the Cowboys were looking for. Not from a player of Pacman’s caliber, or at least the caliber player he once was.

Going into last season the Cowboys knew Pacman wouldn’t be back to his old form after being out of football for a year, so they decided to let him ease back into the game by way of special teams, unfortunately he only averaged 4.5 yards per return during his punt return duties. So with that being said off the field issues, and a lack of production on the field, he’s not worth the heartache.

I wouldn’t want that stress in my life either. There are hundreds of players out there with talent, and for a bonus they know how to act. I wish more owners of professional teams would cut off players who can’t stay out of trouble. I appreciate the owners that give players second chances, because a lot of those players actually take advantage of the opportunity.

However when a player has screwed up to the tune of 12 incidents that police have had to intervene in, enough is enough. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance, but at the same time when you have an opportunity to live the type of life that most people dream about you should cherish that opportunity.

Many players take their blessing for granted and basically throw it all away. To those players that continue to act out, I have no compassion for, especially when there are so many good people out there who work hard and perform off the field or court just as hard as they do when their on the field or court.

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