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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Exclusive interview with the Soulful and Skilled Recording Artist


DJFemmie Sierra Donna

An in-depth look at the artist and the new cd “- our May 2009 interview with DJFemmie Sierra Donna for Sierra Donna Entertainment, Biz-Zar Radio Networks.

First before we get into my interview with Simeo, here is some background information about Simeo's career. Simeo was produced by Michael Powell,
producer for
Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin.

Simeo learned how to write songs and produce music. Simeo learned
information from
Mr. Powell that would lead to writing
several chart
topping artist such as R & B hall
of fame group Cameo,
Cashflow, and Mickey Howard.


has performed

as a drummer
with other artists such as The Dramatics, The
(Billy Henderson), Jazz guitar legend Grant Green, Dr. Billy Taylor, Jazz
legend Dexter Gordon, LJ Reynolds, Commercial with
Kool and The Gang for Schlitz
Malt Liquor featuring the
Platters, and many others. NAJE award for best jazz drummerigned by Professor
Clark Terry, Alan Dawson Berkley,
Philly Joe Jones

Coltrane, Miles Davis Drummer) 1980.

Other artists Simeo has worked with as a songwriter include Arsenio Hall, Grace Jones, Carl Anderson (Color Purple) also rap tracks produced for Jadakiss, Sheek, MC Breed, Jae Millz. While working with the group Cameo the group earned a Grammy nomination. Also while with Cameo, the American
Music award, Two Soul Train awards, BET R&B group of the year 1987. Simeo’s most
notable work was on the group Cameo CD. “Machismo” 1987 featuring Miles Davis,
Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker., Randy and Michael Brecker, Bernard Wright, and
Bradford Marcellus. Simeo's song “I Like The World” from the “Machismo” CD would
be featured in the Kim Bassinger, Dan Ackroyd movie “My Step Mothers An Alien”.
Simeo would also score two top ten hits with Cashflow
in 1988
where he
sang and performed on keyboards. Cashflow would also
score a big movie sound track with the song Big Money taken from the hottest rap
group of the eighties

The Fat Boys movie in the movie “Disorderlies”.

The DJFemmie Up Close and Personal Interview with Artist - Simeo

DJFEMMIE : Where did the inspiration come from to get this album done. So many people say they are working on an album but it never seems to pull together or it disappoints because it is a a sound a like or as maybe only 2 or 3 hot songs on it, what inspired you to create such a fantastic totally solid album? Simeo: My inspiration came from my parents supporting my career choice at an early age. My mom Georgia, and my dad Eugene are still my
chief inspiration
and continue to
me to be the entertainer I am today.

DJFEMMIE : What musical inflluencs shaped your career?

Simeo: Musical influences come from many styles of music. I listen to whatever is hot at the time. My musical style today is one of writing for a young audience and an older audience.

DJFEMMIE : What message are you conveying on this new cd to the listeners? Simeo: Id have to say the message Im expressing in my new CD is success. When a person happens to run across the CD cover I want my cover to immediately get

a persons attention and inspire the listener to dig deeper.

DJFEMMIE : Who does this new cd appeal to? Simeo: This CD will appeal to the young as well as an older person. This new cd covers: R& B, slow jams, hustle down jams or the flip side – ballroom music as well.If you like Rap, Hip Hop this CD

delivers that also. 

DJFEMMIE : What has the biggest struggle been for you in getting heard? Simeo: The highest struggle I've had as far as getting heard is weeding out the radio promoters who are legit from the ones who don't have any real connections. DJFEMMIE : I sure agree with that. I get annoyed when people think you are not important enough to listen to your tracks.

DJFEMMIE : What is your success factor so far? Simeo: The biggest success is having my own studio where I can work anytime of day or night and also make as many changes as I like to the content on the album.

DJ FEMMIE: We will cover the studio hook up after we finish this part of the interview. Solid!

DJFEMMIE : What special events are coming out where fans can see you live? Simeo: I have a fathers day show in Florida coming up and a concert for Juneteenth in Detroit. I have a promotional tour that covers Michigan all the way down to New Orleans starting June 12th, 2009.

DJFEMMIE : Are you pleased with your musical journey so far? Simeo: I want my fans to know that my journey has been wonderful because I'm doing something I enjoy and I hope to give my fans more and more music to come.

DJFEMMIE : When I listened to the new cd I noticed particularly

the clean quality on the vocal – no silly gimmicks just a clean and hot sound throughout the cd. Other artists should pay attention to this more. Too much talking and too muddy in some cases.

DJFEMMIE : What advice do you have for the newbees in the industry?

Simeo: My advice to new artist is to take your time and make sure you record with the best recording system available for your budget. DJFEMMIE : I agree you get what you pay for. Streamlining is not the way to go. Also, do not use to many catch phrases that have been used over and over. I like also that the album is clean throughout—this insures you maximize on airplay.

DJFEMMIE : Now about the equipment you used to produce this album. What is the official gear you use for the DJ's like myself and other vocalists looking to update their equipment? Simeo: My studio recording system is Pro Tools HD 192. I use Neve 1073 Mic Pre Amps. I also use the Neuman U87 vocal mic, along with a 414B-ULS vocal mic. My instruments come from external, internal keyboards along with live guitars and
other live instruments. Everything is recorded mixed and mastered in Pro Tools.

DJFEMMIE: If you had to catagorize yourself in a few words what would you say describes your style? I am the melodic vocalist who can sing many styles of music. DJFEMMIE: With that, let me get into the highlights of this special cd.

Simeo - The CD “Southern Soul Pimpin” HTTP://

DJFEMMIE: As A disc jockey and reviewer of some of the hottest new singles and artists from all over the world - it is refreshing that I can promote a CD that is solid in nature from beginning to end. Simeo's new cd will take you there. This important CD Is clean in quality throughout the entire compilation of songs.

My favorite cut is “All My DJ's” it is my favorite track of all the soul shakers. This song is a tribute to all the hardworkng DJ's that make all the parties happen throughout the world.“I've Got It” & “That's My Cousin”, “Love Shake” these are all southern upbeat toe tappers and quite appealing and gritty yet smooth in delivery. The first has a the “southern soul pimpin”
feel Simeo conveys all through the cd. Each song is catchy and will have you
ready to hit the dance floor. The background vocals and harmony are tight
and on point – Simeo reminds me of many vocalists to name a few: Theodis Ealey,
Joe, Jon B and one of my favorites Sir Charles Jones.

For the hip hop fans there is “Running To The Dance
, “She Wants to Be My Girl”, and the title cut “Southern
Soul Pimpin“.
These songs will work in many markets and are all crossover
joints. As a DJ I am always looking to add something new – I can't wait for the
remix's on these tracks. “I Need a Break” talks about how stressful life can be.
“Gas” is a medium tempo song but this one addresses the current financial state
of the US - still sexy though. There is a Christmas ballad (sticky hot) on the
cd also. For the folks that like to cuddle up with slow jams after a long day at
work, my favorites are “Step Up”, “ How Can I” and “Play N Roll”. Each of these
cuts are sexy. As the reggae crowd would say, “steamy and wet”.

If you want a new addition to your music collection – Simeo's album is a must have for any collector – go to CD BABY.COM or check out his tracks on various sites and listen for yourself. This album is worth having, investing in. Simeo deserves to be played in rotation all over the world. My overall final rating on this CD is a solid 4 STARS. I
thought about 5 stars but the score will clearly be a 5 with the remixes. Go to
CD Baby and purchase the CD.


DJFemmie Sierra Donna is a music reviewer for Diggiwaxx Online, DJ at BIZ-ZAR Radio (Cleveland, Ohio, STARFLEET.COM

and A registered COAST2COASTMIXTAPE.COM artist.

DJFemmie has two service websites: &

where she hosts the best artists and music. email for more information or comments.

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