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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

What do YOU consider OLD SCHOOL?? What era did you come up in ..?

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WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER OL SKOOL thats a Damn Good Question cause im starting to see alot of djs posting songs from the mid 90s which should be considered just throwback Jamz HOWEVER the Era i come from Ol Skool is some of the jamz u got posted up here and you really snapped with the Ray Parker Jr photo people remember him from Ghostbusters but i was bumbin his jamz when he was with the group RAYDIO let me digg in da crates and see what i can come up with lol
I'm an 80's Baby!!! but i remember my Parents Playing Ray Parker Jr & RAYDIO/WHAM/Anita Baker/Pet Shop Boys & too much other shit to name i personally think the word OLD School should be cut off after the 80's era...from the 90's till early 2000's should be Throwback/Flashback /Retro or some shit!!!
here's some "Old School" joints for your listening Pleasure

Ray Parker Jr- "For those who like to groove"
Chapter 8 feat Anita Baker-"I just want to be your girl"
Isley Brothers-"ain't i been good to you parts 1 & 2"
Ok. Im going to be nice and share this picture. I wasn't going to do it but I just had to let niggas know how it all started for me. Know ya'll can laugh HA.HA. HE...HE. very funny. Tony!!!!!I still got them 45s nigga and couple of them 78s also. Niggas just don't know...Booooy!!!
Oh, nig .. it's real i nthe FIELD in this BITCH this time ...!!!

A-Ha "Take On Me"
ooohh shit check these videos out!! if this ain't 80's

Ray Parker Jr-"A woman needs love"
One of the FIRST "HATER" SONGS ... lol

ooohh shit check these videos out!! if this ain't 80's

Ray Parker Jr-"A woman needs love"
ok i think i can hang with ya'll.

Graingers - Shine Your Light
Shock - Crackin'
Blow Fly - Rap Dirty
Bobby Demo - Ounce Rap
Aura - Are you single
Bar Kays - Holy Ghost
SPYDER D - Smurfese Dance
T La Rock - It's Yours
Mantronix - Fresh is the word!!!!!!

28 years On The Wheels Of Steel!!!!!!!
I consider Old School to be any music penned before the advent of Thomas Edison and the First Phonograph_August 12, 1877.
When I'm rollin', those who know me ask themselves, What the hell's T-Bone listnin' to now? Well you never know. I don't even know what I'll play next but whats'never it is, it's gonna be _______.
I've played requests from Bach to Rock and everything in between. I once threw in a Mel Tome and some peolple went crazy and started asking for Old Blue Eyes and Nat King Cole, and I played it.
For some folks, last week's Billboard-Playlist is this week's Old School, for me, well you never know. I'm sometimes Champaign and Caviar, sometimes Ribs and Ripple.


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