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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Working and Networking in Music and Entertainment




WHO is going to buy your next CD? Ringtone? Book?


Your best friend? Your agent? your lawyer ? Your celebrity friends?

NO! They are going to expect a free autographed copy.



Check out the members only sections

Check out and add your page to:
DJ King Assassin CA mixshowblast

ADD the DJs to your friends
Comment their page with a nice note and never a music player that auto starts. Make it so they can press play to hear or they will get mad and delete it
Have your fans call all of the radio stations EVERY day to request your songs.
I know the stations do not have it yet. That will make them take notice so when we send it to them, they will pay attention
Have your fans set up street team pages for you on myspace and add friends in FL,TX,CA,NY,IL they can go to the radio stations page and ADD all of the friends on those pages only
Make sure you have a facebook page, twitter page
Check my page here and add your pages to all of the links listed for ALL of the ning sites.

This is just FYI help for you and your clients as to how to use social sites effectively.

Please be careful about posting where you are when you are actually in that location unless you want your friends/fans/stalkers/haters/robbers to come to that location. Ex: CD Release party, Book Signing, Charity Event, Album Release, Record Store - In store show. If that is the case, please let me know in advance so that I can prepare a press release and arrange other interviews. ( Check my services and prices page ) Typically need two weeks or more advance notice for press.

On face book, Twitter, Myspace.... You do want to post things that you are doing that will be of interest to your fans, things that they will "LIKE" , comment on and re-tweet. If you post things that are of little interest, it defeats the purpose of posting and will actually bring your numbers down.

Example good posts:
Just had lunch with (Friend's name here) at: (Name location, city and state here) the service was fabulous and my waitress "JULIE" was the best!
(Include the link to the restaurant, venue, store, your friends twitter link)
In this instance, you are bringing revenue to the establishment, increasing their branding, helping to increase your "Friend/artists/clients" fan base and gaining a new fan by making a pretty/handsome waitress/waiter happy who will then tell all of his/her friends to follow you. (Provided you told him/her you think he/she is wonderful and he/she should follow you because you are going to post a tweet about him/her or gave her your business card with their tip) (Every opportunity for branding and marketing should be taken advant...)

" On the fifty yard line at the Minnesota Vikings Game" Thank you ( whoever gave you the tickets- include their twitter link)
" At the Book Bank Foundation event giving clothes to the homeless children, please join us at: (give address, city and state) and bring a new toy . Thank you for your support"

" Just posted a new video on youtube, let me know what you think( Add the link to the video) "
" One of your wonderful quotes that are inspirational and make people smile and be thankful"
" Wow! just read this new book by: ( authors name and link to BUY the book) It has inspired me today. - ( Hopefully this is your good friend as you are increasing their sales)"

"Going to an event at: (Location that you want to send patrons to) Tonight, lets meet for a drink. ( of course you will be with security in the VIP area and no one will be able to get to you unless they are cleared first but the venue and promoter will be thrilled that you did this and it makes them want to hire you again for walk through and hosting) "

DO go through the pages of the people that you are following and re-post, re- tweet things that will be of interest to your followers.
This encourages support and people re-posting and re- tweeting your info. ( THIS IS THE WHOLE POINT of social networking)
If you do not show support for others, they will not show support for you and your projects.
Re-posting of a fan: Really makes that person's day and makes them happy. They will be much more apt to buy your next book or support your next cause and will tell their friends.

Mentions: Again, it shows support of your fans and shows that you care about them and what they are doing.

Click here to see EXAMPLES of great tweets

Example of ineffective post:

"Just had lunch in Dakota now going shopping" - can be done once in a while for the heck of it but you do not want to be known for these types of posts as it will reduce your number of followers.
"new product launch" and their links- (Only to be done for those products which you are personally involved with or it brings your social value down) - ( this should be saved for endorsements only, you and your clients)

" had pancakes for breakfast" - ineffective, no one needs to know and people will stop following you.

Never post anything negative about a person, place or thing ( Unless it is a PR move and you want to start a public battle to draw press)

Not posting accompanying links to whatever it is that your talking about: ( This is just a waste of your time and provides no return on time spent posting)

posts about something that brings no benefit to anyone.

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