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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.'s Blog (12)

Uncle Luke still nasty as he wanna be, gets banned in St. Louis after video surfaces of him eggin women on to perform sexually explicit acts on each other for $1000

Luke comes to town and all hell breaks loose...

If you know Luther Campbell the frontman for the legendary 2 Live Crew then you already know how he do. After all, this is the group who's hit singles include "Throw the D", "Pop That Pussy" and "Me So Horny". This is the group that pioneered all the sexually explicit music we see in rap today... this is the group that appeared before the United States Supreme Court to defend their First Amendment right to be as nasty as they wanna…


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stlhiphop Radio

How hip hop would sound if St. Louis ran the rap game! Follow us @stlhiphop to see what song is playing!!! stlhiphop Radio tweets song title and artist so you can follow them! 314-802-6091. Get your music exposed to actual listeners on the stlhiphop station on Itunes Radio, Windows Media Radio & Nokia Internet Radio, three of the largest digital broadcasters worldwide. St. Louis' first online hip hop radio station,…


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The Official Green Bay Packers Superbowl Afterparty

Being on Nick Barnett's of the Green Bay Packers label has its perks, and one of them is the 2011 Superbowl. Move over Weezy, here come BEE.SCOTT.



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Hip Hop 911 / Stop the Violence: The Spotlight's on Murph

The Spotlight's on Murph: On the eve of St. Louis aka the most dangerous city in the nation?s response to escalading violence including 10 teens shot at Plush Niteclub Christmas nite, an 8 year old boy shot in the back and middle school students robbed at gunpoint? in a Hip Hop 911/ Stop the Violence Frontline DVD EXCLUSIVE, Murphy Lee of St. Lunatics spoke to b-gyrl about investing in young people, failings of the system and ways we can realistically make a… Continue

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Did Aye Verb & Street Status conspire to keep the truth about Verb's loss to Freestyle Friday Champ Big Will from ever seeing the light of day?

zzbx.jpg It is a very sad day in St. Louis, while the talk should be about New Year's resolutions and how our scene can improve over the course of the next year, the conversation instead is a very serious allegation against Street Status TV, that they sold the footage of the Midwest Massacre battle between Big Will and Aye Verb to Aye Verb. I have no idea of whether this is a publicity stunt gone bad or if Owe did actually sell the footage to Verb, hence throwing away the respect and…


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* When she first stepped on the scene, n*ggas was petrified...*

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by INTRO METHOD MAN RELEASE YO DELF FEAT BLUE RASBERRY! RELEASE YO DELF! * When she first stepped on the scene, n*ggas was petrified...* THE LEGENDARY RON G PRESENTS...BLUMINATI MIXTAPE… Continue

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Basement Beats Platnium Production Team presents STL Jumpdrive 2

Platnium producers behind the signature Country Grammer sound team up with DJ Sno (Hot 104.1 FM, Academy Hill, Core DJs) on the 1s & 2s to present the best St. Louis has to offer from party music to the streets to the underground. Download… Continue

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How the Beast Work by Kemo ft Dre Mac

Kemo from Da Hol 9 teams up with Mac Feezy. Fuck old vs new, this that real, street St. Louis! In the land of Country Grammer & Hood Hop comes Street Conscious. Even when we sleepin we don't get caught sleepin... mess around and wake a "sleepin" giant!

Download "How the Beast…


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Just A Dream by Nelly [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Download single… Continue

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stlhiphop Sizzla: Sum N Bout It by Ali ft Nelly & St. Louis


Email for drop requests, booking…

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Core DJ Charlie Chan Hot 104.1 FM talks Nelly, St. Louis and REAL TALK for artists!!!

DJ Charlie Chan talks his many many many artist plaques, Nelly "he got his people on".... (and you may be surprised to hear what he thinks Nelly's biggest mistake is) and drops some REAL TALK for up & comin artists, what other djs won't tell… Continue

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