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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Interview with Brail Of Soultaker Records

Our Next Featured Artist Is Brail from Soultaker Records. Shout out to my man for taking some time out for us.

IBR: What was your first inspiration to get started?
Brail Well I've always been into music since I was old enough to sing (which for me was like 2 lol), but as far as rapping and seriously writting was hate. I got picked on alot as a younger dude and my "friends" used to make fun of me because I was too scared to freestyle like them and I finally found something I could catch them in. Plus I wanted to help people with my message. What upcoming projects do you have? Right now I'm working on an album called "Brand New" Where I really explore the state of our society while crankin out a bunch of bangers and new musical ideas.

What do you think the game is missing?
Creativity, Originality, Work ethic, and morally steadfast people.

Since everyone is a rapper these days how are you making yourself standout from the
Easy...I'm not a rapper. lol I'm a musician. I play the cello, make the beats, sing all the hooks and songs, arrange harmonies, and plus I just come off with different concepts and ways of addressing things than other people. Basically I do everything that everyone does and then make it 10X better.
With the economy in recession how do you work your hustle and or marketing for listeners?
I do whatever legal means possible to get cash. Due to the government helping me with school I can't get a job so I sell whatever I got, beats, hooks, shows, hooks, verses, and work hard to tell people its out there.
What is the best advice you've received?
Do you regardless of the cost. Do whats right, and get it done no matter what it takes.

How did you stay focused?
Music keeps me sane. I use it to help my family and friends. My whole goal is to better my life and those around me, thats all I've ever wanted, so as long as I keep living I have something to write about, and someone to write for.
What has been your best performance or place to perform at?
I performed at the Boobie Trap once and my mom was in the audience. The place was packed and I showed out! lol

As you create more music, do you find yourself getting more or less interested in
seeking out and listening to new music made by other people...and why do you think
that is?
Well, I do feel less interested in listening to other music, but thats more because of the direction that most mainstream music is taking more so than me becoming lethargic in that area. Most excepted and played music is "pop" or "popular music". That whole genre accentuates fads, and other aesthetic things over actuall lyrics or talent or content. Its all about if you can listen to the song, and not give it any thought or pay it any attention and it get stuck in your head. This way it doesnt have to be actually good. Thats why people hate a song at first, and then for no reason after time end up loving it and can't tell you why lol

Any Last Words?
For anyone wondering about the ~ONE~ that I throw. Its a movement. It represents individuality, unity, and spirituality. I believe there's one true God, right and wrong, Talent, and Talentless no in between and settling. I believe there's Too many two faced niggas throwin up two fingers in the industry so we just throw the one. Soultaker baby ~ONE~

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