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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

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Born March 7, 1972 in a place called Clarksdale, MS. Mack has always been a fan of music of all types or anything music related as his mom, if she were still alive, would attest because he would drive her banana’s beating on any object capable of making sound!
At the age of 9 Mack first discovered his gift of Art by way of sketching and doodling, self portraits, bowls of fruit, action figures, etc. As time went by, Mack also turned to poetry as a way to express his feelings as he was and still is to this day, quiet and humble. On his 13th birthday Mack received a Sony boom-box for his birthday. He sat and listened to the radio for hours on end and would even “borrow” some of his mom’s music such as “Between the Sheets, The Heat is On, Go For Your Guns” to name a few as well as various other blues, country and rock albums. Mack learned to appreciate music at an early age and began collecting Vinyl as well as CD’s and Cassettes which he still has a few remaining “records” as they were called and bags of hard to find cassettes.
Mack was exposed to Hip Hop shortly after despite his mom’s best efforts to keep “rap music” out of his ear as she felt the majority of it was influential in a negative aspect. Mack got many a tanned hides from doing the opposite of what was told to him from his parents when it came to music as he listened to every song he could get his earphones around (2 live crew for example). Mack began writing songs and attempted to perform at talent shows but no one took him seriously, but he kept at it for awhile until “Life” took its toll which Mack had no choice but to became a man and take care of his responsibilities. He drifted away from music or anything to do with it, stopped writing poetry, never sketched again and tried to severe any and all ties to music or any illusions of the music scene and “making it”.
However, in 2006 Mack who called himself DJ Mack at the time, along with a friend did a few remixes to popular tunes and began creating instrumentals with the very first music program he purchased called Fruity Loops. This sparked his interest in music once again, but he could not forget the promise he made to put his family first and only think of music as a hobby.
In the spring of 2008 the Artist known as Mack Mirage was born. He started texting battling online to sharpen his skills, traded text messages with colleagues and started writing as time permitted. He released a few instrumentals and recorded about 45 songs along the way between 2008 and 2010 all as a past time, which some can still be found online. Spring of 2010 Mack joined, 6months later met up with King Cyris, joined the Another Spice Production camp - the rest is history in the making!
Footnote: Mack chose to use the last name Mirage as a symbol of his dream that was unattainable unless you have the “It” factor as the powers that be see it, “the correct one’s and zero’s in your wallet”, “word of mouth or even a nod”, from those with the means to make it happen, Mack had neither but refuses to quit!


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