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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Smoke and Mirrors of the Music Industry part 2 #Cosign by Breezy Says

First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone that took time out to read part 1 of this series and thanked me for writing it. I hope you all know that it is much appreciated and it motivates me to write more. There are times that I think I’m just writing and have no readers, but you all have definitely proved me wrong and so, that brings us to part 2, the COSIGN. If you missed part 1, click [HERE] to read it.

Before the boom of social media, it was very hard to reach the top execs, djs, and real record/artist breakers of the music industry. It was also harder for them to find talent because everyone wasn’t so accessible. Well, as we will know that has changed, but what also changed was people’s ability to really see who’s who because of the “Smoke and Mirrors”. Nowadays you have folks that have no educational background or work history in the field they claim to be experts in, but with some really nice graphics and a “cosign” they are now a mover and shaker and ROBBING folks blind. I always hear that I shouldn’t knock someone’s hustle, well forget that, I don’t agree with it. I’m not here to expose them because as I stated in part 1, you all need to do your due diligence and as I also stated, some people are working so hard that you don’t really see them on social media.

Today, I want to explain how these fake cosigns are ruining the music industry and making it harder to see who’s who. There are people that go to events and mingle, they take a few photos, rub a couple of elbows, laugh, and then they go home. When they get home or even while at said events, they upload pics and video to Facebook, Instagram, or whatever other network they are on. That isn’t the problem because hell that’s what we should do…the problem occurs with the caption that they add to these uploads. I’ve seen everything from “we working” to “he / she said I got next” and so forth. There are people that I know on pics and I ask them, so what’s going on with you and this person and they reply with “I don’t know who that is; they just asked me for a picture”. Trust me, it happens. One picture with a nicely worded caption has gotten artists to come out of pocket more than less. Please understand that unless the “MAJOR” person in the picture uploads it with a nice caption, it doesn’t mean that’s really what occurred. (Not saying all pictures are faked and people aren’t working, but this is just one of the known “hustles”.)

Another messed up cosign that happens is…someone comes into the industry and just starts kissing major ass. I’m going to be real honest here and tell you all that, many “MAJOR” folks are cheap as hell and if you’re willing to work for free, they are more than happy to use you, even when they know you are not up to par with excellence. I don’t care about people getting free labor, the problem occurs when these “Majors” give the under-trained ass kissers a cosign! They start saying things like “so and so outworking you all” or “so and so is the best in the game”…when really they just jumped off the porch. This cosign is the hardest to catch because we depend on these “MAJOR” folks to not give away their cosign so easily, but they truth is, they do. I can’t do anything about this and neither can you, but I’d like to say to the “Majors” that have worked hard to build a name for themselves, please stop giving away your cosign so easily. Allow people to work hard and earn their titles and accolades.

I don’t think there will ever be an era that things become clearer to see, but we must try to our past to look past what is shown and look at the real work. There are some people who tell me that education doesn’t make me better, but I say that it does give me an edge on others. Now, if you know someone doesn’t have an education or resume, than consider that an automatic red flag. Nobody can go into a business as a great without education or on the job training. If a person has ambition and drive, that’s an added plus, but allow them to show and prove first before grouping them with the people who have. I know you all know that there are levels to this shit.

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