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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

If You Don't Know The Face Behind "The Glo" Saying...

...Then Your Biting Young Soulja's Style.

By: The Consultingguy

This year is looking more and more like it will be remembered as the year of the gimmick. Artists, labels, and media distribution platforms are wrapping up the attention of the public and hoping in the end consumers purchase albums as a result of gimmicks. From trash talking, to self inflicted freak accidents, to fights and the occasional bruised faces 2009 has just begun and it’s already given me a good laugh with the circulation of premeditated yellow journalism.

Lately many media related businesses in general are trying and failing to generate revenue with so called copy cat strategies. The answer for a successful outcome lies within the business models that have been instituted initially and not within copied models. It seems more evident with each passing week in 2009 the labels are hoping to find their way through the dark without any real conscious understanding on how to navigate through the darkness.

A known indie artist from North Carolina has been setting the record straight with his talent, persistence, and determination. Young Soulja has consistently turned his efforts into building long term industry networking connections that will soon pay off. His persistence to channel his energy through the internet and his advisory team will boost him to a respected level on the national stage as well as on the international scene.

It has recently come to the attention of many that top industry artists are attempting to jack the “Glo” concept and come out with songs on their next release albums reflecting the style of the “Glo”. Pardon my language, but you guys are on some real f&*k boy sh!%. The artists that have attempted to steal Young Soulja’s thunder will remain nameless, and if they do decide to drop their albums with a song on them similar or related to the term “Glo” then they will continue leading the industry down a path that will be self destructive. Indie artists like Young Soulja clearly have the backing and loyalty in their camps to complete the mission in a fashion that would make getting an industry deal an extracurricular activity.

Label A&R’s need to find a real job because they cannot find the necessary tools to be successful without stealing other artists material. The major artists themselves need to get off their behinds and think of concepts to implement as well as stop letting ghost writers write their material. The truth lies within the material we can see in 2009 there will be plenty of half hearted attempts to push albums without substance. Talent is lacking and so are sales for the labels, now they want to use the internet as a source for lifting material that they did not create. No wonder they are in a slumber they are out of touch with the culture and psychology that ultimately will drive a consumer to purchase a hot album. Especially in the age of ecommerce and revolutionary marketing the labels are actually ten steps behind. With all the money in the world they are to lazy to put in place newly reformed techniques and are too ignorant to realize that the times have changed, stop lifting material and stop biting.

The Promo Contest For The "Glo" Video Shoot

With the viral integrity of quality content on the internet and the video contest for the hottest dances to be featured in the "Glo" video there is too much evidence to suggest that Young Soulja is the clever and classic originator of this newly defined term "Glo". Young Soulja brings hip hop culture some new selective word play and southern swag in 2009.

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