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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

2 Chainz - Yuck Feat. Lil Wayne (Cover) "Official Video"

Yuck- 2 Chainz Feat Lil Wayne Cover

Artist: Mora

Studio Performance

Lyrics Below

I'm in it like Obama, when I'm rich I will drive a honda, oh nigga you think you balling yes, lemme see ya check, how come I don't see commas, and I do this for this all for free promotion, test tube of that mall lotion, and they know I'm on that raw motion, that fine fine racket green Ana kornakova, I'm in it just win it, ain't no safe around me like a Danny glover dinner, swear them ny niggas scream all about the Rucker, my flow last Friday yeah I'm on the Chris tucker! I say I'm sorry if your reading, didn't mean to get loud, your momma sees you working, your father would be proud, until then niggas come, you commit to stay off prowl, shhh who am I kiddin I tell these niggas pimpin to stay on ya grizzy cause we all up on a mission to get mora tuition, all the bitches and women, tricks sluts and hoes, that's just how it goes, when you fucking with fame, you keep feening for mo, I'm on a

Whole nother altitude, we will be having rainy but humid weather , I'm yaykimkev hot, what a trifecta, I plan to drop in 2013, been dreaming bout this day since I was thirteen, please call the ambulance and come pick up ya ppl, do we still apply a winning reference to Charlie sheen, im in to showing up for show business, directors hear be out but never get it, I'm with three girls, im skinny dipping

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