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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Lil Ole P - I Know

Produced by : Boonie Mayfield

Lyrics Copyrighted 2009
US Library of Congress
"I Know"

Hook :

N I Know
that today the sun gon' shine
N I Know
that today Imma stay on my grind
N I Know
That you know I'm fly never retire
N I Know, N I Know, N I Know

N I Know
I been livin crazy lately
N I Know
I don't wanna die early
N I Know
I wanna live peaceful in harmony
N I Know, N I Know, N I Know

N I Know

I been livin through a constant struggle
Wake up daily to stack bread to eat we hustle
N I Know that momma worry bout her bills
But I know if I hustle for the money she no longer will

Imma stay top my game, improvin skills
Continuous climb up a never ending hill
Relax take Xanax run packs with folks stay chill
Take bills to make bills tactics n antics hustle will

Never stop, never slow off never off track
As I live, through the pain n strife cuz my past
Is affectin my present, messin wit the future
Terminated like, we was takin over by computers

Imma hustler n lyrical maniac I'm afraid the facts
Will flow outta me like pee from a race horse who is off track
My flow spit like a glock miz long clip in a off black
Livin just for today love my city n lay back

Hook x1

I'm tryna live in peace n harmony cuz Jesus is a part of me
Still gotta 440 blade scars a part of me
Not retarded but classified with A-D-H-D
Parents mad when I skip class teachers grade me

With a F in attitude but A plus in intelligence
People focused on hatin me but they irrelevant
Dont none of them know about the daily hell I'm in
Stressed burnin white owls theres that stinky smell again

See fakes on the street back stabbin friend again
Showed nothin but love gave my mom a felony
Your life should cease snitchin gettin penalties
Recognize tryna live a better life Scarface entirely

City awake at night, night n day
Hip hop in me in my blood thats why I say
I know about speakin truth in the booth
Feel me before they kill me I know n now you know too

(That Today The Sun Gon Shine...)

Hook x1

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Location: Milwaukee, WI


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