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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.


1. I love cereal( its 24 hour food)

2. I love to go the movies and Theatre!

3. I love White Castles after the club it’s the shit .

4. K love women in booty pants and high heels.

5. Im the cleanest and freshest big guy around ya digggg

6. Makenzie Elysse Davis my daughter the greatest thing ever in my life

7. I’m probably the most underestimated in the room.

8. I love a women that can cook

9. I’m a DJ cause music movies are my life !

10. I love to buy clothes even tho I only wear the same 4 outfits especially at work cant let em see ya swag.

11. Im commited to getting money and making a good life for me and my family and my personal close friends

12. I love Captain D’s Fish and a baked potatoe with a pepsi
13. I don’t like to do house work on a Sunday that’s my day to watch movies and relax and get ready for work week.

14. I hate chicks that think niggas owe them something or that they can trick a nigga into giving em something based off they looks.....

15. I love to club with different people when I go out I invite everybody cause im a inclusive person I don’t forgot people on purpose

16 Is a good man with a bad man’s scheme....

17. I love urban comedies and dramas

18. My three favorite artist ....

A Jay-z....

B Erakah Badu....

C. Outkast

19. when i go out, I’m kicking it hard I always gotta drink in my hand

20. I am in love with my high school sweetheart even though she irritate me ....

21. Im adopted at 2 weeks I love both families

22. If I was to receive 10 million dollars I would tithe first, pay off all my deb
t, pay off family debts houses, cars etc. Put a million away for kenzie maya and saniyah . Give each one of my REAL friends 500,000 cause that’s type of person I am and start a plethora of businesses and a clothing line. ....

23. Like to hang with funny and goofy people but also people that will just be momma and daddy honest with ya.


25. Imma freak I cant even lie!....

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