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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Cool V Presents This Weeks Features

Cool V Presents This Weeks Features (TEAM 300 LET'S ARM THESE SHEILDS)

Model: All American Dream Girl get ALL info here: (Bloggers please feel Free copy & to post note please use this link
for groups so that we may maximize hits for marketing results thank

Artist: REDD (RE Double D) - Hot new talent coming out of the VA see more information on her here: Single - Let Me Know -

Website: Coda Grooves: CEO Jacque Schauls this company provides promotional and
marketing services in entertainment and fashion, artist management and
development, PR and promotion, celebrity events online marketing for
music and entertainment

See site here:

Business: Emerging Artists (New Site For Emerging Artists)
Emusicco the Emerging Music Coaliton is here! Based out of the southwestern
region of the US Arizona to be exact the EMC is dedicated to the
upliftment and advancement of the lost artform of “Artist Development”.
Due to a price drop in recording technology and the internet there are
more artist today than ever before.
There's no doubt that music is from the soul but business and protocol must always be apart of the
equation. For once an artist gains the confidence to move beyond the
bedroom or garage the real work begins.



ASCAP & Music Unites Presents
ASCAP's Night School November 30
7:00 PM
Skyline Studios
36 W. 37th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY

ASCAP and Music Unites, a non-profit organization supporting musical artists
and professionals through performance and education opportunities, have
teamed up to present four workshops to offer insight on integral aspects
of the music business. The biweekly "classes" will discuss specific
areas of the music industry in an intimate setting, followed by musical
This second of the four sessions will focus on artists' DIY options and will feature a panel of executives from GigMaven,
Pledgemusic, Songtrust, and TuneCore. Upcoming workshops are slated to
focus on labels and artist management. This comprehensive series will
provide participants a setting for the exchange of ideas and
perspectives on navigating a course for survival and success in today’s
dynamic industry.

Blogsite: Black Radio Is Back the official blog of the syndicated FuseBox Radio
Broadcast is to bring back the spirit of Black Radio via the Internet
and the World Wide Web.

Technology: Snakebyte Remote XL+ for Wii With Built In Motion Plus information here:

Mixtape: Fusebox Radio & Planet Ill Alpha Females download link

The Syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast, and Prsents:

Indiesent Exposure: Alpha Females (Lady Hip-Hop MCs The Major Record Labels Are STILL Sleeping On) Compilation Volume 1 Tracks:

1. AD The General – Who I Be (N.A.N., N.A.N., N.A.N.)
2. Bahamadia – Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)
3. Boog Brown feat. Stahhr & Mojo Swagger – Grind Season RMX
4. Charli Baltimore feat. DJ Premier – Everybody Wanna Know
5. Charli Baltimore feat. Ghostface Killah – Stand Up Feat. Ghostface
6. Crew Grrl Order feat. MC Lyte – All Bets Off (clean – SlamJamz Records)
7. Cubic Zirconia – Josephine
8. De La Soul feat. Queen Latifah – Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children
9. Emperess – Outside The Box
10. Eternia feat. Ness Lee & Poodie The Byz – Do This Like Me
11. Fiona Simone – Fierce
12. Fiona Simone – Keep It Moving
13. Green Tea – Get Off That Road
14. Hedonis Da Amazon – Speaking My Mind
15. Hop Da Great feat. Quintescence – They Say U Nice
16. J. Ross Parrelli – Hey There Sister
17. Jay Mills – Winter Sadness
18. Jean Grae – The Jam
19. Kwan Lee feat. Mala Reignz, Miss Michelle & Elus – Livin’ Our Dream
20. Madam Madon – Benning Rd Bomber
21. Mala Reignz feat. Chino Moy – Secret Surveillance
22. MC Lyte – I Am Woman
23. Mia X feat. Mystikal – Who Got The Clout
24. Monie Love – Pups Lickin Bone
25. Nikki Lynette – Loveless
26. Nonchalant – 5 O’Clock (DJ Heart Attack Remix)
27. Princess of Controversy – Why Not Today
28. Queen Latifah – Five on the Black Hand Side
29. Queen YoNasDa – So Special
30. RA The MC feat. Pro’Verb – Lost Ones
31. Rita J – Inspiration
32. Salt-N-Pepa – Chick On The Side RMX
33. Skyzoo feat. Mickey Factz & Nina B – Hit Me
34. Stacey Epps – Floatin’
35. Tiye Phoenix – Killin Everybody

Radio Station: 1FMJAMZ one of the hottest radio stations in the industry
ranked No 7# on the web for most listened to radio stations on the

Magazine: Block Jams owners Chuck & Partner launches one of the hottest eye candy, industry insight, high -fashion,
modeling websites on the web: Block Beauties for more info or for features contact Cool V at
ladies DO NOT send me attached photo please forward all photos in down
loadable zip file formation please include specs, contact info and 7-10
Hi-Res photos please with all web info thank you!

Networking Event: Fleet Dj's Conference Call See Info Here: Every Wednesday

Networking Group: Trunk Hustlers creator Cool V starts hot FACEBOOK networking
group "I GOT NEXT NOW" in support of all hot upcoming businesses and
professionals who are "SERIOUS" ABOUT NETWORKING & looking for that
extra push! See:

Featured Link: Commission Of Independent Artists is a network of media entities
that submit opportunities for artists to utilize as a way of getting
more exposure, experience, and education about the music industry
locally and nationally. Our goal is to help the independent artist build
a foundation to level the playing field with other independent artists.
for more info see

Featured Movie: Warriors Way Official Site:, Trailor:

Featured Radio Show: DJ Beanz Tune into Spill The Beanz Radio Every Monday at 12p(noon) and Friday at 1p EST on Fleet DJ Radio

Featured Graphic/Web Designer:
CEO Aaron Scott creator of
MoeMoneyGraphix is Based in North Carolina/Virginia but is available to the World. The
Company is responsible but not limited to Designs with Flyers, Cd
Covers, Postcards, Business Cards, Logos, Website Designs, and Posters.
We are also Available for Print And Media Duplication. Contact:
Support is key in this business and it's what
seeking new talent also innovative ways to expand my reach and what
makes us all grow to higher levels and achieve more. I am a not only a
BIG believer but I always return the love. As always I am working
round the clock networking and seeking "What's Next" consistently
looking to expand my brand while gathering more affiliates. If your
looking to expand your brand or reach you've definitely reached the
right person "Because I Go Hard!!!!!!!" I love helping others but
business is an exchange of goods and services and I am "BIG" on
"SUPPORT" I believe in "How can WE help or Assist each other" So
please if your reaching out to ask a favor I don't mind just expect
the same in return.

Note To Radio/Magazine/Website Inquires:
If you have sent me tracks to play on air or to post *WITHOUT* sending
nor prepared to do a drop "I WILL NOT PLAY YOUR MUSIC!"
Support begets support and that is what "REAL NETWORKING & CROSS
BRANDING" is all about. Also time is money so please take the time to
properly label your music with Artist, Producer, Song Title, Genre Of
Music and don't forget to include your contact information and
websites (If You Don't How Can Someone Support You?) Also include
Clean, Dirty, Accapella, Instrumental (If You Have it) Please remember
My shows are on Internet & Prime Time so I can NOT play any music with
profanity on my Prime Time Stations!!!!!!

As many of you know I have been an advocate of independent artists for
many years and have open doors for many artists and still provide
networking platforms to this day! The biggest complaint myself and
many others hear is that "no one supports them." when in truth many of
these artists aren't willing to support themselves. I know it can be
difficult but understand if you don't support or invest in your brand
then.........Why should anyone else?

If you wish to obtain my services rather marketing, consulting or
promotions see here: if your
would like to be a guest on one of my radio shows see
and email all radio inquires to please
do NOT send them here they will be deleted!

Note: If your reaching out for an interview I only ask that you
contact me in advance. I have scheduled dates I will NOT play your
music on a day we have previously scheduled shows and guests once
again respect begets respect. My family and peers like to give
EVERYONE RESPECT and ask do the same by sending your requests at least
two-three weeks in advance so we can appropriately get you scheduled.

lf you would like to be a guest or get your artist, model, label,
product etc on any of my multi-medium platforms
the show follow the guidelines listed above.



Whats Crack'n/ Whats Good/This is /It's ________ and I'm here with my
Boy, Cool V on Rated Next Radio tune in who got NEXT!

This is _________________ and right now your checking out hottest show
on the planet with my boy "Cool V"

Remember I have several shows and to maximize your reach once we
scheduled your interview or posting I will forward you a more
customized drop script so you can maximize on your reach!

**Note: I understand when doing a drop you like to feel comfortable so
feel free to spruce it up at your own twist, pizzaz like Tip said you
can do whatever you like...just no profanity and most importantly send
it to me when you're done.**

If you would like to be a part of my bi-weekly promotional campaigns,
please forward your information including: promo pictures, tracks,
flyers, e.p.ks and other promotional material to
once reviewed I will contact you regarding the next scheduled

I have been campaigning for years and I am NOT about to name drop nor
brag about my database but let's just say I have an extensive list of
affiliates that includes major/independent labels, A&R, artists,
producers, writers, promoters, media outlets, corporate sponsors and
many potential consumers etc. So you see I have something for everyone
it doesn't matter what line of business you are in. The question is
how serious are you about getting your product/service out. I'm not
going to spam nor send you a bunch of emails clogging your inbox
because I value your time and respect your space. Since I am
networking on a constant basis my clientele and reach does the same.
As will yours I love to help others gain more followers this have been
shown from the many sites, conference calls and successful campaigns
I've produced in the past/present.

Once again I'd like to humbly and sincerely thank you for reaching out
I truly appreciate you and your business but most of all for reaching
out! You've taken the 1st step by reaching out let's K.I.T and make
something wonderful happen. Also if you are a new or old contact I
value your time and effort lets keep planting T.R.E.E.S (Truly Relate
Educate Entertain Successfully)

Have a great day and even better week God Bless you!

Got Twitter add me: @coolvsratednext
Myspace: therealcoolv
Skype: Cool V

Thanks For Your Love & Support!

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

For All Contact Information see:

Anything Else Just Google Me!

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