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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

If The Dj's Can - What's Going on With The Artist

Shouts to all the underground artist and to the entire Core. It's amazing how Dj's can come together and network, form bonds and out hittn events together but us as artist seem to have a hard time with one another. Hating! What for? Well Ive noticed that allot artist just envy those who are better artist. Clearly its no easier for a chick! I appreciate artist like Drake because he just helped the door open a slight bit wider for artist who are more lyrical in way that's easy on the ears. You can hit the road and play these cats albums with enjoyment. Not knocking any artist - not at all - we all have a imagination different from the next man and create differently. The artist that are talented - matter the flow, swag, lyrics whatever, have our own fan base that we can call our own. Its like a big ass office building and we all work together but we're not work together. In any work environment, in our case our work enviorment would be the circle of managers, road mangers, promoters, urban magazines, artist services, video directors, all that, WORK together. And it really plays out as such. Not have a job - "your status" if your honestly not working for it like you deserve it or anything. Think about it. It's a very - very large percentage of artist that are'nt - shall we just say "vesitile", creative to the point it cross genres and genders and cultures and you hear from them for serveral years, serveral even underground. Outside the spot lights you also have those artist that can make a living with music, that's with shows and income from atleast some kind of sells. In hip hop, that's still a small percent.
Being surrounded by the right people and having relationships with those you don't care to have a relationship with sometimes also makes you a better artist and person. So come on...I don't get the hating on other artist. Songs are songs - just that. He's a artist - sh'e a artist - they artist - that lil 10 year boy is a artist, that dudes uncle is a artist, his momma a artist, I mean shit it's millions of artist in this world for one artist to act like he or she owns the industry lol and can't get along because of some words. Simple said.. wheres the artist organization ran by real artist making moves? There isn't one! I can't even imagine one.

All that to say, if a large amount of artist can make moves like these DJ's it might become less of a obstacle course to so-call "make it" or gain a successful career from your music. Look at the Core Djs and how far each and every one of them have come and gone. Do your research and say what's on your mind.

Just saying................if you got the time to hate on the next cat - you don't have your priorities in the right order baby

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