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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Squeeze is mostly about what people will do to accomplish their goals and the lives they live as they chase their own dreams. A trainer is pressured to present the best in the class to an Icon in the fashion industry or the trainer's studio will get shut down. Drama features include crazy paparazzi, hard relationships, and a fugitive facing stardom.

Icon (Tall Female) - This lady is an Icon in the fashion industry. She has a huge amount of power inside the fashion industry as well as outside of the fashion world. This lady some how discovers models that compliments designer creations by 1000%. This means she is solely responsible for the incline of all sales in any material that can be used in the fashion industry by designers with multimillion dollar budgets. These designers know that if their designs can make it onto Miss Icon's runway then their profits were guaranteed. The least amount in design sales by fashion designer after the fashion show amounted to $800,000,000. Miss Icon is a billionaire and all of her models are millionaires.

Miss Icon does not like taking pictures although she pretends like she does. She is cruel and bitter, yet with great beauty and always smiling. She had a hard life until she discovered that the world could be conquered with certain types of beautiful women. Her eye for this type of women is super rare. She has her own secret service team who specialize in hacking, protection of the models, and the all have classifications higher than the FBI. Her SST has a wireless device that deletes all images on photo camera cards.

Miss Icon's world is rocked when she discover there is someone local who has the same talent for selecting models. She learns that this person is a fashion model trainer for runways and entertainment, and that she is in financial trouble. Miss Icon helps her but with strings attached.

Paparazzi - unlimited (male & female - any size)
Due to the rare amount of images between all media for Miss Icon, most of the media companies are offering over $150,000 for images of her. Only one paparazzi knows how to get pictures of her.

the Trainer - (Female) a nice and very positive young lady who agrees to miss Icon's deal in reflection that she should be able to find talent for them both. Her selection for one super model got away from her. Her next selection just so happens to be a fugitive, unknowingly to everyone.

Miss trainer uses models of all sizes because she puts on a variety of fashion shows.

Super model types (tall female models)

Detectives (Male and female - any size)

Male Models - for runway

Children - for runway
Parents of the children

Artist - for scene performances in fashion show/runway scenes.

Male actors - boyfriends of the models, gangsters and pickup artist/male gold diggers.

Trainer assistants - 4 in all (male or female or both)

dancers - runway themes

extras - unlimited. 

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