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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Born in Tampa, Fl and raised in Oakhurst apartments, which sat on the west side of Tampa, Killahbee was the only child nevertheless, he grow up with his mother sibling kids, who was raised by their grandmother. Killahbee grew to
love music from his cousin Butch. Butch was a year and a half older, and was better at writing. Killahbee used to learn the songs Butch wrote, and they would do them at school, or around the hood. It wasn't to long before Killahbee was writing his own music.
Killahbee was very active and stayed into something. He was a fast learner, but was very impatient. By 1995 Killahbee was on his way to prison, for his child hood foolishness. From there he locked into writing music. In 2005, Killahbee was release, and jumped straight into the studio. 4ever Balln Records was the first studio Killahbee walked into, that was ran by a guy named, SNAP. Linking with him Killahbee learned how to record in the studio, and meet new artist in Tampa. After a few months Killahbee ran into one of his friends named Half Fade. Linking up with him got Killahbee to start doing shows. Killahbee first big show was at the Sundome on USF, which they opened up for Lil Wayne and Young Geezy. Not to long after, they opened up for Lil Booies and Lil Webbie.
Killahbee was still living that fast life which took him back to prison in 2008. There he got back into writing his music. In 2009 Killahbee put the music to the side and started writing a book. To Killahbee surprise he end up writing two books, called " Die First " pt. 1-2. In 2015, Killahbee was released again, and headed back into the studio, not giving up on his dreams. Killahbee started drinking bad which in turn put him in a coma, in 2017 Apirl 7. Not looking good his family pray day and night. After 14 days Killahbee woke up to a hospital room filled with his family and tubes everywhere on his body.
May 3rd Killahbee walked out of the hospital after being told he wouldn't for 6-8 months. Two days later Killahbee was back into the studio. A month after, Killahbee started investing into his own studio, called Deadlyseedz Management Entertainment. Killahbee released a song called " Bac 2 Business " on Youtube with a video that did 2k first wk. out. That in turn lead him to run back into one his childhood friends who he played football with as a " Spartan ", named Ja. They hooked up and started a entertainment business called " Da Urban Pandora ".
Next he dropped a song called " I Do This " " Micheal Jackson " which was off the mixtape " AT THE MUSIC ". Killahbee met thru Da Urban Pandora two artist named, Gotti and Duke, and they started doing music together. They dropped a song called "Keys To The City " and " Go Get That Bag " out on Youtube. He also released a single called " Homecoming ". Killahbee got into the studio with one Tampa icons, TOM G and they dropped a song called Lil Mama Bad. Killahbee next opened up for Stevie J. and Faith Evens, at a club called Whiskey North in Tampa, where he performed his song " Bac 2 Business ". Through networking, and doing show , Killahbee hooked up with an artist named Mike 2wice who did music with another artist named Fresh P. Killahbee and Mike 2wice, got into the studio at Glass House and dropped a song called "If I Wanna Stunt ", which also on the Mixtape called " AT THE MUSIC ".
Right now you can find Killahbee in the studio working on his first album called " MY FIRST TIME ". He is also looking into get into acting. Killahbee have started engineering his own music from teaching his self thru Youtube videos. Becoming one of Tampa biggest entertainers/producer/writers is is aim. Killahbee have an Non Profit Program he want to start that will help the youth with the Music and Art. Giving back thru music is one of the biggest and fastest ways to reach our youth.
Look forward to Killahbee album to being release soon.


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