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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.


TOBY TNT1 IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST INDEPENDENT MC'S IN THE GAME! HIS SINGLE "CHAMPION" IS BLOWING UP MIXSHOWS ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Read his interview as he speaks on music today, promotion and haters. Toby is one of the MC's who still knows the value of hard work, effective promotion and consistancy!

See Toby TNT1 at


1. Tell us about you and your career?
I am an artist who wants to bring a different style of lyrical content to the rap and hip hop game. Like many other artists, I grew up in a pretty rough environment. One major difference between myself and some of the other hip hop artists I hear, is that I refuse to glamorize a lifestyle that is so destructive and hurts so many in our society. There's nothing appealing about teaching the world to hurt itself and other people through drug dealing, sex and murder. I refuse to model that.....As far as my music goes, I have thousands of DJs in over 30 countries that have played my music. My goal is to get those numbers in the tens of thousands.

2. What does hiphop stand for today?
I, personally, am not pleased with what a lot of big name artists put out and represent as hip hop. For me, it’s a personal expression using music as the catalyst for telling a story. It’s about being artistic with lyrics and creating that expression. Sometimes, it just means creating something fun that the crowd wants to move to.

3. Is HipHop dying, like most artists are saying?
Hip hop is losing ground because so many artists are copying one another. There are way too many songs about getting high, sex, murder and pushing drugs. There needs to be more originality and fun in the music. Music should be enjoyable and entertaining. Some of the subject matter is just rough. I think for some, they are living in those environments of poverty and murder every day. Music should provide a form of healthy escapism to those people. I feel that music videos with cars that cost $100,000 is not realistic for the average person. It’s cool to see a video like that, but not constantly, like we see it. I think it encourages young kids to think in the wrong ways to acquire these things. The bottom line is artists need to be more creative and less street. Kids do model themselves after us, whether we like it or not. It cannot be ignored.

4. What is your biggest obstacle?
I take things as they come in life. There will always be obstacles. Without obstacles we cannot grow. I approach obstacles in just that way, as an opportunity for growth. How you deal with these obstacles is what makes you who you are. As far as this industry goes, the whole thing is pretty much an obstacle!

5. How do you feel about local radio?
It depends on who is running things. There will always be honest people and dishonest people. That is just one of those barriers to surmount. If one station is not playing my music, there are plenty of other stations to go to. I try not to worry too much about that. If the music is good DJ’s will play it. DJ's want to be recognized, so they will play good music. They like to be good at what they do.

6. What other artists do you respect for their game?
I don’t want to mention any names. There are too many famous artists that I can say I respect or don’t respect. But, unless I know a lot of these people personally and what they’re doing in their communities or with charities, I’m not going to name anybody. I respect it when people do what’s right by GOD, their family and other people. At the end of the day, that is what is respectable about anyone I know.

7. How do you deal with haters and myspace gangsters?
I laugh at these clowns. Sometimes I will even call these so-called haters on the phone. My music gets surveyed internationally and when I get a bad review by certain individuals I may call them up to see what they’re about and what type of music they like, so I know my audience. My music gets surveyed in the U.S. and by DJ's in over 30 countries. I’m glad to report the majority likes my music and if someone is not feeling one song, a lot times I get them on the next one.

8. What is your take on our economy?
The economy is not in the best shape. I think we got here because of people not planning ahead, no one looking at the consequences to their actions, And of course, a lot of people were overspending, living above their means.

9. Who would you like to do a feature with and why?
If I do a collab with someone, it would have to be positive and along the lines what I am already doing. There are quite a few people I would consider working with, but for now I am mainly focused on my current album.

10. What is your opinon on Kanye's outburst at every event?
Kanye has a big ego and I think sometimes he lets that get in the way of who he is. I think he made a mistake, knows it and hopefully will learn from it.

11. What is your advice for an upcoming rapper?
Hook up with a good producer, not a beatmaker. I’m talking about someone who knows how to properly construct a song. Use your talent to do something positive. Also know what your getting into. It’s not just about being able to rap. There are several elements that make success. A unique voice that stands out is one thing if you look at many big names they have their own sound. Perseverance is a necessity in this industry. It’s very tough and there are a lot of people trying to get their foot in the door. Be kind to everyone. You never know who you’re talking to over the phone. Know your audience. And, finally, survey your music. With surveys you can determine the worth of what you have.

12. How do fans reach you or hear your music? Itunes Toby TNT1 amazon etc.

13. Shout Outs!!
To all my fans, thank you for believing in what I am doing GOD BLESS


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