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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Yo I Copped A New Whip-Model Chick Kamal Imani.mp4

Enjoy a taste of real fresh fun hip hop. Crazy wordplay. Dope beats and rhymes.
KamalSupreme aka Kamal Imani and Will Goodman. Yo, he's flowing about a girl and a whip at the same time! Fire!


Yo, I copped A new whip
I'm braggin I must admit
She got bouyancy
aerodynamic design
she lays back and reclines with suspension
I put her on cruise control or hit the pedal real hard
The Engine be buckin
But I take charge
She got mad horse power
Starts off about 5 miles per hour
than I give her a lift
with the thrust of my stick shift
Oh how I love this new gift
Cause she thinks she's a cougar
but I ride her like a hummer
and treat her like a jaguar

she likes to take long rides down I-95
as we interwine on route 69
She got that fresh scent

Make me wanner pay the car payment!

I don't wanna give her back
yo repo man dead that

I stepped to her on the lot cause she was so damn hot
yo, I had to take her round the block

She made me come before I came
my life will never be the same
I give her constant tune ups
and a frequent oil change

I love pumpin that gas
and driving her real fast

she loves it when I ignore the other cars that go past

She knows I don't give a what about a cadillac truck
a lex, coupe, beamer or a benz
and all her little acura friends
I keep my head up!

and this is one ride I won't crash or dent
and even if you look at her wrong I get mad bent

I got her on lock with the club and the low jack and my alarm starts going off it cats just look at her back
I know I sound materialistic I must admit, but I'm just happy yo cause I copped a new whip.

Kamal Imani

Download on itunes and cdbaby for only .99
This style is RevolutionaryArt!

Bless The Mic!

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