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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.


Rather than building with Lumber and/or Concrete, which KILLS our environment, we manufacture and build with our own proprietary Building material(s). Our Proprietary (recycled) Building Material(s) do not cause any further damage to the environment, they are more than “just Environmentally Friendly”, and have SUPER ATTRIBUTES (see list below). This is Green Building “On Steroids”. We can MASS RECYCLE over 200 TONS per 2,000 sq. ft. built! Enjoy a Much Higher Quality of Real Estate for the same cost of wood frame!


It is common sense that in order to obtain Lumber, The Lumber Industry MUST KILL trees, and in order to produce Cement, The Cement Industry MUST DESTROY the Environment. Simultaneously, hundreds of millions of tons of usable materials are currently being land filled, piled up, and basically THROWN AWAY! Now, rather than land-filling and piling up (which costs BILLIONS of dollars / year), we can manufacture awesome (recycled) Building Materials, build sustainable and energy efficient SUPER structures, and Help Save The Planet!


The Aqusision Fund will purchase land for manufacturing plants as well as development lands.
We Manufacture The Building Material(s) in our Shop or On-Site.
The Aquisitions Fund could hold mortgages.

REPLACE Wood & Concrete, period!
Recycles 100-TONS per 1,000 sq.ft. built.
Way Beyond EnergyStar
Beyond LEED.
Green Building ON STEROIDS
Costs the same as if building with wood frame.
Minimizes the need for the mass killing of trees to be used for lumber.
Minimizes the need for the pollution caused by cement production.
Better than building with wood frame (and costs the same).
Better than building with brick (and cheaper).
Better than building with cement (and cheaper).
Better than building with Adobe (and cheaper).
Better than building with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) (and cheaper).
Better than building with AAC (Autoclave Aerated Concrete) (and cheaper).
Better than building with ANY typical” building material (and cheaper).
Walls, Floors, and Roofs Accept screws and nails (NO framing required).
Extreme High Quality & Easy to build with.
R-100+ Self Insulated (Super Energy Efficient)
Non flammable (will not burn).
Hurricane Resistant (And Tornado + other strong elements).
Bulletproof (no thin walls - I’ve shot my Superhome with M16 machine-guns.
Seismically superior (”Earthquake awesome”).
Sound Resistant (”Neighbor /loud noise awesome”).
Water Resistant &Weather Resistant.
Pest & Termite Resistant.
Non-toxic Non-hazardous.
Fully certified to exceed building codes in USA.
No limitations, we can build ANY type of building (Your plan or our plan).

LET US BUILD A SUPERHOME OR SUPERBUILDING FOR YOU (Once built, you sell it /rent it out for profit [
BECOME QUALIFIED (earn 10% + unlimited residuals) AND WORK CLOSELY WITH US…
BECOME A CERTIFIED “CSH” CONTRACTOR (Contract Superhomes & Superbuildings)
BECOME A “CSH” SHOP OWNER (Get your own Exclusive Area with your Shop Equipment)
BECOME A CERTIFIED “CSH” SUB-CONTRACTOR (FREE) (Sub-contract for us, all trades welcomed)
REALTORS: tell your clients and get paid as the Buyer’s Agent (Receive 3% Buyer’s agent)
FREE AFFILIATE PROGRAM (earn 10% on your direct sales).
Tell your friends (and everyone else you know) about us. Maybe some of them are looking to build something and that is where we come in. We will take care of everything from A to Z while producing the most sustainable option available.

The Opportunity:

- The Acquisitions Fund is for the purpose of :
a) purchasing development lands to build CSH structures of all sorts (residential, commercial, industrial, institutional)
b) covering construction costs and
c) if the fund becomes large enough we could hold mortgages. (unlike the banks, we (the fund) would actually own the properties)
- a large portion of this plan is to " be the stimulus package " by getting the economies of our participating countries moving. ( Can, USA, Mex and now, Puerto Rico )
- K2 Services would act as receiving party and purchasing agent.
- profits will be pro rated according to level of participation.
- this fund resolves many challenges related to development as the opportunity is not limited to the investor's locale, banks cannot hinder this plan from any angle (purchase, construction loans, mortgages) and we actually repair the existing damage to the planet and economy rather than add to it.
- it's understood that the Acquisitions Fund is open to other participants and that bigger is better.
- this plan includes scouting industrial parcels with nearby available residential parcels so we can enjoy a quick boost to each shop, thus making the shops self supporting quickly while even allowing for expansion.
- we would build one line shops (starting with Nanticoke due to border access) initially with the exception of New Orleans (which obviously needs a full scale shop). This frees up funds for the purpose of immediate and strategic replication. The goal is to be everywhere and too big to stop by the time it's noticed by anyone who might want to stop us. Ideally, the industrial parcels would be in large but undeveloped parks. This positions us as the only choice for expansion within those industrial parks and any related fallout development.
- I'm currently watching properties in Canada, Florida, the Nevada/ Arizona state line, Texas, Mexico, California and Puerto Rico.

Think Green


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