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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Please introduce yourself and let us know where you are from:

My name is Khalif Smith and I was born in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in Las Vegas when I was younger then move to Philadelphia when I was 14. I went to high school at Upper Darby High and went to college at Kutztown University.

How did you come up with your artist name?

It’s pretty funny how I came up with my artist name. When I first started the recording process almost three years ago it was Killa Kha. One day I realize it should be Young Leaf because my nickname been Leaf since I was six years old. I wanted an artist name that would stick with me through out this process.

Tell us about your 2 new singles, what inspired you to create them?

Chasing You was a song that I wanted to let everybody know that I got to learn my lesson about chasing girls that don’t care about me. Originally, I wanted it to be a solo song but I hit up my brother A Money if he wanted to be apart of this collaboration on the song and the catchy song was made between us and more songs are on the way between the both of us.

Got The Keys the lead single off my debut album “Reflections” was made because I was going through a lot of things at the time. I wanted to let some frustration out during this song and let everybody know how I was really feel about certain things. How would you feel if people was just using you and not appreciating the things that you was doing for them. So, I wanted a lot of people to relate to this song. Just do what you love to do and you will be happy. Don’t worry about any outside noise.

Do you write your own music?

Yes, every song and that will not change until my time is up in this world.

Where do you find the passion from to create your music?

Just the experiences that I have been through in my life.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most?

I love being a musician because I get to create and have fun with it and no one can’t take my passion away from me.

The thing that I hate the most about it the most is people only support when they see you actually making things happen. I wish they would understand the process that it take to be an artist while making a lot of sacrifices. What I mean by that is finding out who is really there for you, moving to a different state, and changing different habits in my life style.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I could change something in the industry is for everybody to get along and make some dope music.

Describe your sound in three words:

Different, Unique, and Myself

What inspires you to write music?

I been in love with music since I was seven years old. If you love something as much as I do with music then that should inspire you to do it.

Success to you is…

Success to me is to inspire the youth and make an impact with my voice because I feel I can work on being more vocal as a leader.

Tell us about your upcoming projects...

My debut album “Reflections” is due in 2020 with a lot of big features on the project.

Where do we find you music / music projects?

Apple Music

Any last words for the readers or advice for upcoming artists?

Just be yourself and do what you love to do. If you do then you will be happy with your life and enjoy it. Life is too short to be worrying about what the next person is doing so just live it to the fullest.

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