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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Bangin is a thing a lot of brothers do,

They do it for the red,

They do it for the blue,

They do it for the six,

They do it for the five,

They do it till the day they're no longer alive,

You see a brother like me,

Man I've been bangin for years,

Thru the good,

Thru the bad,

Thru the laughter,

And definitly thru the tears,

But now comes the time that I make a decision,

Will I continue on my gang bang mission?

I'm 50% out, But I'm 50% in,

And it seems like my homies are my only friends,

So do I leave?

Or do I stay?

Until the day I get blowed away?

If I leave my homies, then I'm not real,

But if I stay with my homies, I might get killed,

It's a tough decision I have to make,

Tryna decide which route I should take,

I wanna stay in, because of the love I have,

I wanna get out, because I might get stabbed,

I wanna stay in, cause I'm real as hell,

I wanna get out, before I rot in jail,

I wanna stay in till the day I die,

I wanna get out, and give a new life a try,

See, some of y'all feel me,

But some of y'all don't,

A few of y'all will,

But most of y'all won't,

The life that I have is definitly changing,

All because a brother started gangbangin......


This is a poem I wrote about 15 years ago, when I was tryna find myself in this dark world, and now that I have found my inner peace, I solemly swear to never bring harm to another person because of a gang's name.

My heart is NOW free from ALL hatred, and I'm still not a punk.

I'M A MAN....


And to all of my brothers and sisters that's still caught up in the cycle of hate,,,,

Free your mind and the rest will follow...


OG Geno,,,

Here Till I'm Gone.....

.. .... ..


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