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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

We are now witnessing an epic movement in south Florida, I’m talking the next great lyricist of ours generation. What does one need to become this legendary?

One aspect an artist needs to be great is an insane work ethic and his is like no other, that’s what separates him from others. Bully Gabbana is one heck of a hard worker. This artist brings a different perspective of the world and talent to go head to head with anyone on any track. His words have double meanings if not triple and he can switch up the flow with ease. He can almost be called a new prince, because he has risen, by hard work and perseverance, from being an insignificant no one who people thought was a joke to be the foremost young rapper on the scene in the 305. Bully Gabbana plans to take the Music industry by storm, and to begin leaving his mark with his upcoming EP.

This demo tape will signify the start of an upcoming and ongoing revolution. He don’t just plan to be part of the Music world but to be a game changer, with his unique delivery and outrageous metaphors. He has hit the internet sites quickly without notice, and has racked up plays on sound cloud and YouTube. Which he has done only in few months, rapping on hit songs such as started from the bottom and all gold everything. With the help of artist from his neighborhood cloverleaf, he plans to build a rap empire and put his city on his back. The Artists who will be featured on his upcoming EP includes Young B, Cash Flow Yayta and Cloud Je’fe. Bully Gabbana has had an obstinacy upbringing in the hard streets of Cloverleaf and has a captivating story to tell because of his struggles.

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