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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.


So as "THE WORLD TURNS" people hook up, make up to break up, and air it all out. When what is done in the dark comes to the light "THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS" have a way of throwing each other under the bus in order to save face.  

Envy's secret affair with Love and Hip Hop Season 3 cast member Erica Mena came to light after Flex (Funkmaster Flex for you simple folk) put him on blast. Lets just say Flex has a personal vendeta and he went for blood hitting Envy straight in the jugguler. Catty Much? Apparently it is safe to say that these two have personal beef. What ever the reason it caused Envy to have to do some damage control to safe is marraige and his family. Envy confessed on the breakfast club and admitted that he in fact did step out on his marriage blaming it on his own insecurities, and did not forget to bash Erica Mena in the process. Funny how now she is a bird and benneth him, but only after the affair became public.

Erica Mena has quite the reputation for herself, as hot headed, low class, and "bird", as some would like to say. Me, I think that she is misguided, and miss understood. She is young and has a lot to learn about herself and life, the only thing is, that she is in the public eye. Does she deserve to be bashed by Envy? I don't think she does,  I believe it was easier for him to bash her only because mostly everyone one has a negative impression of her. My opinion,  she wasn't much of a bird or beneath him when he chose to lay beneath her. And if she is so much of a bird and beneath him, what does that say about his character? I mean, "you are what you eat". 

I applaud Envy for seeing the "light" and getting closer with "God", cause he is going to need a lot of prayer to bring his relationship with his wife back to where he wants it to be. Most men cheat, and most relationships have it's flaws. Do I think Envy has changed? For the sake of his marriage  I hope he did. After all when you realize that you can loose everything in this world that matter to you most, the light comes on. 

Check out the Flex's checkmate on DJ Envy and Envy's damage control confessional by the clicking the links below. 

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