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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Lucy Got SUM WU TANG in her BLOOD!!! No More "CREEPY WHITE LADY from Boston"

Sometimes when you get all up in my grill talking ur cocky sheet Im thinking .. You better be bringing on some talent. And Im not talking about that repeats over and over of how cool you think ur street is, and the "old news" beat with some crank cant sing gotta jack around with the mixer so it sounds like they can sing.

Come beat me all you muthas think you know what talent is. I got stage spots secured for my plays now and I cant wait to pin em up against y'all in New England!! I'mma keep my playas a secret in the competition cuz they KINGS and not pawns, Knights movin sideways and forward and like a rook going dead straight to a line.

It aint all complicated as chess its easy. go to cuz Im here getting ready to compete for the Wu Tang Title!! Bring on Ur Best talent! Im taking 3 of these 8 competitions right now and I know that! Im not telling you yet who I'm bringing to the table in New England, cuz I dont want to scare none of y'all into putting **** back in ur pants and actually TRYING to make some music worth listening to.

Meet me on stage if you think u got what it takes to sit with the GENERALS I know I do ... CUZ I'm LUCY ENOUGH ;-P .. ARE YOU? keep an eye on that page so when you can fill out the form if you can spell your real name

Thats me and the VP of Marketing for Wu Tang Jimmy Kang whose gonna be making the next 8 competitions something to look out for !!!

promotion and management

contact Levon Garvasi for bookings, interviews and scheduling

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