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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Life is Hard .... SOMETIMES ... and Life is good, smooth sailing SOMETIMES...

I believe our communities have enough richness to care for our members; but there are some issues that seem to reoccur in a pattern almost too obvious.

There are always those random one or two people we all know that seem to sail through life. They 'do everything right' and seem to make it to the top with little or no effort, by doing what comes natural to them. Those
of us that have seen the underbelly of the whale, which I trust is a vast
majority, sit in awe before we rationalize the tales of past lives, and current
karmic debts we begin to insist we owe, just to make sense of things.

The revelation that good times and hard times, times of lack and times of excess fall on every human at one time or another through the course of our natural lives is not a new notion. King Solomon wrote about it
clearly, as did many other great matriarchs and patriarchs on record ‘all
things in their season’. Beginning with the question where have we gone wrong
as a race, and where has our understanding lacked and faltered that this can
remain bewilderment through the ages? The universe answered in its random usual
way as I flicked through the TV channels, which I seldom do. Pausing to listen
to some music on a particular station, I waited for the music to fade, as a
self important looking man took the stage in front of a throng of emotionally
uncontrolled 'believers'.

"BY BEHOLDING WE BECOME CHANGED" was his opening line. He went on to exhort the power of positive thinking, condemning certain human tendencies as evil, and avoidable, and urged his listens to cluster
together to 'birds of their kind' and let the others to their own ways. He
exhorted the doctrine of "separatism" and isolated his unified
listeners from the rest of the human world, by calling them to be something
other than mortal, which the universe created them to be.

There is the root of our problem I gasped as it flashed through my mind like a lightning bolt. Like the palate satisfying garbage we consume on a regular basis, though filling, these messages are not nourishing
to the soul of humanity and not to any individual.

By beholding we become changed? Life takes its course, day by day and certainly ties come when major shifts re align our individual perspectives. One fact remains always; we are humans, who do as humans do, with
human tendencies, as the universe decreed on creation day. It is evident that the stronger the hands of
the ‘haves’ in our individual communities, the weaker the flock of the have not’s. By Beholding we DO become changed. I see
drastic changes in the near future, as
the grip of these fear mongering emotionalism experts loosens, and the ‘haves’
and the ‘made it’s’ behold their communities
without judgment and condemnation that has lead to the isolationist society we
have all become victims of. I see many
hands working together bringing their many individual skills and perspectives
to the table. Thinking of the good of humanity
and understanding their communities as a part of a global connection.

Life is hard sometimes, and sometimes, life is good. Everything is human. Good times and bad times come to everyone. When we have good times, it is important to cherish them, and to be mindful that they can
end in a moment’s notice at the whim of the universe, through no fault of yours
or anyone else’s. Just as chance falls and so be it. As well bad times fall randomly, grind on us
slowly, reminding us that we are all DUST … sometimes.

Lucy Diamond
Choice Treasures Companies

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