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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.


The  Concept  Good Side and Bad side           1

of all  humans                                                                                         


God in the beginning of times created Adam pure and from his ribs  created Eve  without sins , pure .  God told Adam not to eat from the forbidden tree but the serpent duped him and Eve , they ate from that tree .  They became sinners  and that’s how every human being became a sinner .


A sinner is someone who is not pure , who makes mistakes , lies , gossip , does bad things to others ,  dislike some people

( bad side)  We are all sinners .

Sinners also do lots of good things , they help people , feed the hungry , give them clothing , love and help others carry their burden . ( Good side )


All human beings walking this earth are sinners  and all sinners have  a good side ( God  three in one : God , Jesus and the Holly spirit ) sends his good messages and controls the good side ) God  also created the universe and he’s able to read minds , knows your heart and in a split second can accomplish miracles .


Many times God could answer a question one  may have through a friend , a family member , your spouse or children , God could go through anyone to answer questions , give good advise , guidance ect …

After a prayer , do not expect answers or advise to fall from the sky  God will most likely use your spouse , a family member , a friend, a religious leader or just a stranger to answer these questions or advise you . God will go right through these people to answer your questions , prayers or to give you guidance.


This is the Model God created .         Marc A. NADER .


Satan chased away by God and using              2

God’s Model , uncovered !!!      


Satan used to be an angel , he became ambitious saw the power of God and wanted to be like him but God chased him away from his kingdom forever .


Satan chased away tried to create its own world , using the same model God created , Satan would use the same concept to make human beings do bad things  through their bad side .

Knowing that God goes through human’s good side to do good things and accomplish his goals . Satan does the same to accomplish its Goals .


Going through human’s bad side to make them hurt people , create fear unknowingly, diminish people , do horrible things to people , discouraging people is one of Satan’s biggest weapon because once you’re discouraged you loose faith and once you loose faith Satan is able to control your life .

Just like God is able to go through anyone’s good side to send good messages , answer questions , give good advise ect…


Satan is able to do the same through anyone’s bad side to create drama, give bad advise and send bad messages and once drama starts anything can happen , families can be broken , divorces , dysfunctional children ect… Satan loves drama , confusion because that’s the only way he can have more soldiers and can keep lovely human beings away from God and prayers .   


My wife heard the news one day about 2 people who were saying to one another that they made better Kool Aid , it turned out that the dispute got so heated  that one of the 2 people got shot and killed over such a petty subject .        ( Marc A. NADER )



How did it happen ?  When  one is arguing with another person it becomes two bad behaviors ,  2 bad behaviors can be blown out of proportion by Satan and could lead to violence ,  hatred , enemies ect..


Had one person backed away and refuse to argue and told the other person that this was senseless and mentioned how much he loves the other person who wanted to get into an altercation and hugged him ,   this simple argument would have been resolved and over with . The expression “ two wrong do not make a right” describes this well .   


This example shows us clearly that  Love attracts hate and turns hate into love .  Love also attracts Love , so why not love everyone specially your enemies , they will be surprised of your loving  reaction and might become your friend.


Hate attracts more hate , creates drama , violence , broken families  divorces which Satan enjoys .


Satan also has no power whatsoever , he goes through the bad side of your spouse , family members , friends , or just a stranger to gather information to create drama . stress , confusion, violence ect…


Satan cannot read minds but is able to enter bad thoughts into anyone’s mind to tempt anyone to do bad things , to turn husbands against wives , children against parents .  Satan goes through humans bad side to play its game and enters different thoughts into different minds to create drama .


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