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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

From the founders of impromtu dance competitions, the ARCHITECKZ introduces a league for Inner city neighborhoods coast to coast Coined as HIP-ATHLETICZ: With Los Angeles,Memphis,New York,Detroit, and Chicago just to name a few who are members in our league. Pronunciation[im-promp-too, -tyoo] Adjective 1. made or done without previous preparation: an impromptu address to the unexpected crowds. 2. suddenly or hastily prepared, made, etc.: an impromptu dinner. 3. improvised; having the character of an improvisation. OUR INNER CITY SPORT FOR ANY CITY NEIGHBORHOOD will assist in community awareness in mentoring youth and adults about the lacking attention of Physical Activity, and the Health Disparities that are affecting our communities today nationwide. Raising awareness will assist the youth and community in Nutrition, Exercise, and Healthy Lifestyles alternatives, all while promoting Local businesses, Organizations and nationwide services to youth living within the Bay Area. We have challenged our Organizations' goals in duplicating our alternative sport system to your community successfully. This is by far the greatest challenge we have set our mind to, and we are seeking unity and support to make this one of the HOTTEST impromtu dance EVENTS in the WORLD!. TOP 10 REASONS TO HELP US RAISE AWARENESS FOR HEALTHY LIFESTYLES FOR YOUTH: 10.Because being healthy is not always how we feel physically, Mental Disease is just as contagious in youth, looking at negative images in the communities growing up. 9. Because Health education is best early in life 8. Because Body, Mind and Spirit means knowing how to take on small lifestyle changes an evolve. For some, it will mean the end of their habits, for others energy for everyday tasks such as walking; making dinner or doing homework. 7. Because being healthy doesn’t have to be boring, there are entertaining and athletic ways to promote healthy lifestyles. 6. Because it teaches you discipline. 5. Because the earlier you know about health the longer you live. 4. Because health is your wealth. 3. Because ALL donations (large and small) make a difference. 2. Because a sense of our state is our first duty, but knowing we have your support will help us meet this challenge. 1. Because Obesity is one of the #1 killers in America. In the past few years, great progress has been made within the Architeckz “Lourds of the Ring” Hip-Athleticz sporting competition. Your school or organization will have an opportunity to promote your services to 4000 participants and have access to Print-aids, Internet,radio and Multimedia coverage. Having your support and vision would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. Sincerely yours, Jeriel Bey CEO The Architeckz (510) 695-7905

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