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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.



1. Tell us who Mayhem is?

Mayhem is a family man. I know it might sound a bit awkward hearing mayhem and family in the same sentence; however, it’s true. I put family first and then my music a close second. I’m born however not raised in LA, I moved to Queen’s NY at a very young age. There I became who I am today, a man. I was raised with good friends and bad friends, everyone needs a bit of disappointment in they’re life; that’s what life’s about right? That’s also where I met DJ Neddy and started rapping. At seventeen I joined the military and severed eight proud years. Those years helped me meet musicians from all over the world as well as keen in my networking ability. This is honestly what made me into the musician I am today.

2. What do you have coming out?

I have some secrets up my sleeve, which I’m not ready to deliver to the world yet; give it a few months. Other than that I am soon going to be opening a recording studio with a close friend and industry producer named Big City. If you need beats holla at him, trust me. I’m also working closely with a band titled “The Smash Brothers”; I see a lot of potential in them. Not to mention they have a huge buzz in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I also like to add, that I’m also working hard on the long anticipated sophomore album. It should be ready for late fall early winter time frame.

3. What is your biggest obstacle as an artist?

I’m a perfectionist! I stand in my own way at times; I’ve been learning to work on fixing this issue with some success. For example, lets say I have been working on this song and something just doesn’t sit right: a snare, a hat, an adlib, something. I will literally stay in the studio hours trying to fix that one problem. Some might call this a good thing, however its not. Things need to have a steady flow in music, or you lose the feel and forget what the “sound” you were looking for by the time your done was.

4. How do you deal with haters?

Like my close friend Rico says “We L. O. L. at the haters”. Honestly I love being hated on. The Art of War states that you are judge by the caliber of your enemy. In other words if I didn’t have haters, I wouldn’t be doing my job. No one likes they’re boss lol, jk.

5. Radio; do you feel its worth all the trouble trying to get on?

You know if you would have asked me several years ago, I would have said no. However these days I wouldn’t mind having more rotation. Depending on the station and city you will hit a huge target audience with a few plays. In the meantime, I’m going to continue doing shows and utilizing networking blogs such as MySpace.

6. What is your career goal?

I am one of those that set’s goals as he accomplishes them. Its funny I really don’t plan out far at all, I’m usually like “Man I always wanted to do that” right after I did it. With no recollection of ever feeling like I wanted to do that at all; if that makes any sense at all.

7. Where do you get your beats?

I have a few in house producers, and some close friends that I work with. If I’m looking for that R&B flavor, I just call up AV. Anything that man does is a hit records, seriously. If I’m looking for a pop/industry sound I chop it up with Big City, he reminds me of Dre/Tim/Pete Rock in one. I also make beats; some of the songs on my page are my creation. I got something in the bag for ya.

8. What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened on stage?

I don’t really knock people by name; however ya might know who he is. I was in Idaho doing a show on January 13th. We were promised a sound check that never happened; one of our artists that was far from reliable didn’t show. All that added up to one of our worst performances, the mica chirped with horrible feedback off the PA system if I moved at ALL. So I basically did the song with my friend AV, with no real movement. It looked like we didn’t want to be up there, even though I love being on stage performing for my friends, family and fans. Needless to say I learned from that, I don’t touch a stage without a mic/sound check first these days.

9. Does your hometown support its artists?

I must say every home town supports its artist, no matter what city you’re in. It’s just shown in different ways. A small town might not have the radio as an outlet so they support its artist at bars, clubs and events. Where a larger city might have so many artist that some of its artist might feel as if they aren’t getting supported. People if you have ONE fan, whether its your mother or the music fanatic at guitar center, you are being supported; Get out and get known. That said, the short answer is yes, my hometown supports its artist.

10. Do you feel the economy has slowed you down?

Not really, it might have made me change the formula up, but not slowed down at all. These days it just means you really have to step your overall game up to stand out from the competition. I will go out in the open and say that the competition is thick these days, with cheap home studios making pro-studio sounds. It’s not uncommon to hear some of the sickest tracks come from the most unknown places.

11. How do fans reach Mayhem?

The easiest way is I have twitter as well Facebook Reverbnation. I would suggest joining the mailing list as well, I am constantly sending out free exclusive music to my fans, as well as up-to-date show listings.

12. Shout Outs!!!

First and foremost, God for giving me the gift; and my father and mother for giving me life; my family and friends; DJ Neddy for being 50% of Mayhem Productions; AV you know I see you homie! Rico Lawless for being the soldier; J-Biggs for doing his thing as the manager; Rudy for the best logos on earth; Psyclone; Ground Zero Radio; DJ MekkaDon; Randy from Game Entertainment; Pachanga for being the connect; the whole Miami scene for holding me down cooo cooo mofos!!; shout out to Queens for putting air in my lungs; AV; Red Nose; the Goodboyz; The Smash Brothers; Sims; J-Nunez Productions; Eric Martinez and anyone who's been there from day one. Sorry if I didn't mention you, I didn't mean anything by it; there are just too many names for this list but you know who you are. TO ALL MY FANS! And last but not least, to you for taking the time and doing this interview.



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