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Created by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014 at 4:18pm. Last updated by The Core DJ's Jul 6, 2014.

Steve Harvey bashes hip-hop community for degrading women in music (by Gina DiFalco)

Steve Harvey is weighing in the hip-hop community, both praising it for turning around so many people’s lives, but also asking artists to stop degrading women in their music.

The veteran comedian, actor and now talk show host spoke to MTV News about hip-hop being a “beautiful thing,” adding, "I think that the music genre itself has created more millionaires than any other music genre before it, especially in our community."

Harvey declares that with such a wide platform, rappers should be more careful with the messages they’re getting across in their lyrics.

"I think that we as the African-American men in hip-hop, we have a greater responsibly because we have the ears of so many millions of our young people," he said. "And they listenin'."

Harvey believes that the hip-hop community in general are the only genre of artists who put down women.

"We got to stop the disrespect of our women in our music," he said. "We the only ones that do it. Japanese people don't do it. Rock 'n' rollers don't do it. Jewish people don't do it. You know, Latino men don't do it. Cubans don't do it they music. Mexicans don't do it in they music. I ain't ever heard no Swedish group do it. Why we so hateful towards ourself, towards our sisters?"

Harvey now has his own daytime talk show called The Steve Harvey Morning Show, so maybe we will hear more of what he thinks about this subject on the show.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the show is based in Chicago, and he’s not worried about competition from other daytime shows.

“There’s one Steve Harvey coming out—I bet you I can do that better than anybody else and that’s what I’m going to do,” he said. “Whoever else is out there -- God bless them. I think everybody is going to get what they worked for. If a person is having a great season somewhere else, I applaud it. I’m going to do my best to have the best season I can have.”

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Comment by ShamaneMane on September 13, 2012 at 1:40am
Here is my problem with his statement, he wants to compare Hip Hop with whats going on in other genres of music. That's that shit I don't like. Now I could agree with him wanting to speak up about it the negativity self destructive lyrics that are found in many "rap lyrics", but don't compare us to "Rock" cause for one, they talking about roofies, sex, drugs, and devil worship.....a lot of positive reinforcements there. o_0......I dont understand it, why every time a so called spokes person for black entertainment, get in front of white media, they always try to win brownie points by down playing the hip hop community. I mean lets be honest, ain't to much shit coming out of rap lyrics now is positive, unless it's holy hip hop. But if I am going to raise concern about negative influence of music on the younger generation, it ain't gonna be half ass, other genres use the trigger finger just as much.....First of all can a Japanese, or Asian speaking person please tell me what yall talking about, then I can comment on their culture of music. Matter fact, lets talk about legal teenage prostitution in Asian countries....STOP PLAYING. Two we already talked about rock....lets be real...SUICIDE WATCH...NOUGH SAID. Three, Latino's, Cuba-nos, Mexicanos...some of the biggest drug lords in the world, and not to mention the songs they have about grinding it up, winding it up, and backing it up on that thing....and then they have their kids on YouTube doing the shit...and yes they were Hispanic and that was not Jamaican reggae that was hispanic/Latino reggae...THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. And Jewish people.....okay, see first of people are not welcomed in some Jewish communities, but yet they feel like they are so pure and holy, I'm not one to judge, cause that is not my job, but from my understanding if they go by the teachings of the bible, doesn't it mention something about "love thy neighbors as ye love thy self"?....OH OKAY.....LOL

How you carry yourself is how people treat you. Point blink, true enough the young, restless, bold and dumb will try any and everybody because they lack home training or they're a product of their environment. But when you nip that in the bud from jump, you wouldn't have no problems of being or feeling disrespected down the road.

On another note, Artist rap about what they are accustomed to, what they see what they have experienced, what they grew up around. Not every women is a whore, bitch, trick, etc. etc. But when you go on "YOUTUBE" a major social media outlet, and see some ratchet ass bitch bending over twerking something while her kids in the background saying "shake it mommy"...yea i'ma call you a bitch, hood rat, ratchet and all that, and then when you turn around say you don't like to be disrespected, I am gonna refer you the video that you shot yourself on your iphone and say " BISH KILL YO SELF" AND IN THAT ORDER LOL.

Bottom line the disrespect of African American women is not solely to blame on hip hop music, it just magnifies it. African American Women are to blame for the the disrespect of themselves. We need to stop degrading self, once we love self, respect self, believe in self, other will follow suit. (and I don't mean all Afro women disrespect themselves)
Comment by ZyeCha Inc. CEO/Founder PRINA on September 7, 2012 at 8:00pm
He need 2 just need 2 shut up smh

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